5 Best Harem Anime To Watch In July 2023

2 months ago By AI Smith

It is a fact that protagonists have always been a popular trope in television. Anime takes it a step further with its harem genre, offering viewers a chance to indulge in hyperbolic gender dynamics and exaggerated attraction. While some titles in this genre may be daring or even crass representations of harems, there are a few upcoming shows that stand out. Here are the five best harem anime to watch in July 2023.

1. Japanese Title: Amagami SS

Studio: AIC

Other Themes/Genres: Romance, School

Where to Stream: HIDIVE

Amagami SS offers a refreshing take on the harem genre with a relatable and grounded main character. Junichi Tachibana, who has been dealing with social anxiety since being stood up on a date years ago, finds his luck with romance turning around when several girls start showing interest in him once again. Each of these girls represents interesting stereotypes of high school girls in anime. Amagami SS takes a wholesome approach to the often mature harem genre and steers clear of excessive fan service.

2. Saber Marionette J

Japanese Title: Saber Marionette J

Studio: Studio Junio

Other Themes/Genres: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Sci-fi, Mecha

Saber Marionette J might be an oldie but she is also a goodie, a childhood classic for many millennials. This harem anime combines multiple genres, including mecha and comedy. The story unfolds on a colonized planet far from Earth, where women are androids called Marionettes due to a failed expedition that wiped out the female population. These Marionettes were initially emotionless, but a special boy discovers three unique examples who exhibit empathy. The boy takes on the task of teaching these Marionettes about humanity while trying to prevent war.

3. How Not To Summon a Demon Lord

Japanese Title: Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu

Studio: Ajia-do

Other Themes/Genres: Fantasy, Comedy, Isekai

Where to Stream: Crunchyroll

How Not To Summon a Demon Lord follows the story of a shut-in gamer who finds himself transported into his own game. Instead of becoming an ordinary character, he assumes the role of Diablo, the Demon King. As soon as he arrives in this new world, he accidentally enslaves two girls who summoned him. Despite his immense power, Diablo agrees to help these girls break free from their contract. However, the journey to achieve this goal turns out to be more troublesome than expected. Fans of Overlord may find this anime somewhat familiar but with a wackier and more romantic twist.

4. Lord Marksman And Vanadis

Japanese Title: Madan no ou to Vanadis

Studio: Satelight

Other Themes/Genres: Fantasy, Action

Where to Stream: Crunchyroll

Lord Marksman And Vanadis stands out as one of the few harem fantasy anime with a somewhat serious tone. Set in a fictional version of Europe amidst an ongoing territorial war, the series delves into political undertones and subplots. At the center of the conflict is Tigrevurmud, an archer from one faction whose army is decimated by Elen or Eleonora of the opposing faction. In a twist of fate, Elen spares Tigre and thus their turbulent struggle as a defector and prisoner of war under a female general. begins This anime explores complex relationships and the consequences of war in a captivating manner.

5. Strike The Blood

Japanese Title: Strike The Blood

Studio: Silver Link, Connect

Other Themes/Genres: Fantasy, Supernatural

Where to Stream: Crunchyroll

Strike The Blood is a perfect blend of contemporary fantasy, action, and mystery-packed harem experience. The story revolves around Kojou Akatsuki, a potential vampire lord. An elite girl swordsman is assigned to monitor and potentially eliminate Kojou, as a powerful organization fears his potential. However, Kojou discovers the truth and establishes an uneasy alliance with his new guardian. Both Kojou and his guardian are invested in protecting the world, but their alliance becomes more complicated as other girls join the fray. This anime offers an intriguing blend of supernatural elements, action, and the intricacies of harem relationships.

In conclusion, these five harem anime series offer diverse storylines, captivating characters, and unique twists within the genre. Whether you’re a fan of romance, comedy, fantasy, or action, these shows provide entertaining experiences worth exploring. Dive into the world of harems this July and enjoy the captivating narratives that unfold in these anime series.

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