5 Hidden Tools And Weapons In GTA V

2 months ago By Aaron Whittakar

GTA Online is one of the games we all enjoy. The online video game has several secret weapons and tool that often some of them tend to go unnoticed by many of us. One of the primary reasons is that these secret weapons are not available through Ammu-Nation sometimes. However, they are available at that store for a limited time.

Some GTA Online fans get them to their collection. This guide will give you a sneak peak into the 5 secret weapons of GTA V. 

5 Hidden Tools In GTA V

Baseball Bat

The Baseball bat is a classic melee weapon ithat is available only in select locations. For example, a spawn near the track field in the ULSA Sports Field in Richman. It can be found floating above a base surrounded by a small cage.

Combat Shotgun

The Combat Shotgun is available at Ammu-Nation. However, the player must finds it first. Players can get this secret GTA V weapon by picking it up from one of the random The Cayo Perico Heist Finale spawn locations.


Just like the baseball bat, Cowbar can only be found in certain spots on the map and cannot be purchased. It can be easily found in the Judging the Jury (Martin) mission. You will find a juror at the dock who has the crowbar. Take him out to get it.

Double-Action Revolver

All new GTA Online players get a message about the Treasure Hunt Challenge. In this challenge the players must go on a treasure hunt and reach several locations to finally reach the last spot and dig up the Double-Action Revolver.

Firework Launcher and Musket

Two secret GTA V weapons, the Firework Launcher and the Musket can be bought at Ammu-Nation. Howver, it is only available around Independence Day (the event week with July 4 in it). 

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