Rocket League Reveals NASCAR 75th Anniversary Bundle, Rewards And Cheat Codes

15 hours ago By Aaron Whittakar

A new update will be coming to Rocket League this week, as revealed by the developers, Psyonix. The brand-new update was announced as a way of celebrating NASCAR’s 75th Anniversary in a lively manner. Psyonix revealed that there will be multiple classic cars that will be added that players will be able to race with in the game.

Among the new features that will be included is a new NASCAR’s 75th Anniversary decal, return of the 2022 Fan Pass lineup, and a new set of Team Decals which also includes in-game Decal that’s based on the 23XI Racing’s IRL Rocket League livery. Players will be able to join the race from 13th to 26th September 2023, as per the official blog.

Now players can bring the 75 years of rich NASCAR heritage to the Rocket League arena with the Next Gen Chevy Camaro, Next Gen Toyota Camry, and Next Gen Ford Mustang. As the DFH Stadium returns to the Arena rotation, players will have an opportunity to run laps around their opponent. For those who already have cars from last year, there is a bundle available with only decals. All players will need to do is update their collection with the latest NASCAR livery.

On 6th August, for the first time, Rocket League hit the NASCAR track. It was where Tyler Reddick got behind the wheel, and fans were able to witness the 23XI’s Toyota TRD Pro run the FireKeepers Casino 400 in full Soccar livery. Now, the developers have brought the same custom livery to Rocket League with the 23XI #45: RLE Decal. Players will now be able to drive the iconic car in the game.

The Complete NASCAR 75th Anniversary Bundle List:

This bundle is worth 1100 Credits and includes some classic car models. Let’s take a look at all the exciting stuff included this anniversary bundle.

  • NASCAR 75th Anniversary Decal
  • Goodyear NASCAR Wheel
  • NASCAR Next Gen Toyota Camry Car
  • 23XI #45: RLE Decal
  • Joe Gibbs Racing #20 Decal
  • Joe Gibbs Racing #54 Decal
  • NASCAR Next Gen Ford Mustang Car
    • Stewart-Haas Racing #41 Decal
    • Wood Brothers Racing #21 Decal
    • Front Row Motorsports #38 Decal
    • Team Penske #2 Decal
    • Team Penske #12 Decal
  • NASCAR Next Gen Chevy Camaro Car
  • Kaulig Racing #31 Decal
  • Kaulig Racing #16 Decal
  • Hendrick Motorsports #9 Decal
  • Hendrick Motorsports #24 Decal
  • Live Fast Motorsports #78 Decal
  • Spire Motorsports #77 Decal
  • Legacy Motor Club #42 Decal

Also note that the Goodyear NASCAR Wheels and the Team Decals included in the NASCAR 75th Anniversary Bendle can only be equipped by the Next Gen Chevy Camaro, Next Gen Ford Mustang, and the Next Gen Toyota Camry. This is because certain cars can’t be customized with certain types of items.

Well, that’s all the update we’ve got for the new update of the Rocket League. With the celebration of the 75th anniversary of NASCAR underway, players are going to have a thrilling time with the new bundles, and cars that will be available.

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