5 Best BGMI Codes For Independence Day

11 months ago By AI Smith

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has been growing in popularity ever since PUBG Mobile was banned from the market in India. BGMI, just like its competitors such as Garena Free Fire MAX, is known for providing its players with BGMI redeem codes for them to benefit on a daily basis.

These codes can be used to obtain BGMI upgrades for weapons and vehicles, BGMI emotes, BGMI clothing, and BGMI UC, which are in-game credits.

With India’s Independence Day falling on 15th August, BGMI has released some special codes for all players. Let’s know more about these BGMI codes.

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How BGMI codes can be Redeem to Enhance Player Experience?

Players can get free in-game items without spending any penny using BGMI redemption codes. These codes are an excellent way to earn in-game cash for players who wish to spend a lot of money.

To purchase the games in game currency “Unknown Cash” (UC), all you have to do is use the new BGMI redemption codes.

Players can also obtain a lot of the free in-game stuff with BGMI redemption codes, without spending money. These codes are highly recommended for gamers who are frugal with their money and wish to obtain in-game currency without spending it. 

BGMI Independence Day Redeem Codes

For players who are eager to know what’s special in store on BGMI on the occasion of Independence Day, here’s a list the redeem codes:

  • SD14G84FCC

How to Redeem Your BGMI Codes

It is very simple to use your new BGMI redeem codes. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Visit the BGMI reimbursement portal.
  • Make sure to verify your BGMI account.
  • Type the promo code in the box provided.
  • Select “Redeem” from the list of options.
  • You will immediately receive your goods from your in-game locker.

These BGMI codes make it easy for players to obtain BGMI customizations for guns, vehicles, and other in-game things. Besides these redeem odes, BGMI is also running a special Independence Day event to commemorate India’s day of freedom. 

Krafton had earlier launched the Independence Day Mahotsav, which translates to Independence Day Festival. The new event celebrates India’s Independence Day which falls on 15th August with two events. The first event is ‘Independence Day: Brother in Arms’ wherein players will complete specific missions to earn rewards. On the other hand, the second one is ‘Independence Day: Login Event’ wherein players can receive rewards for free by playing BGMI every day.

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