Trevor Philips GTA V Character Analysis – Skills, strong & weak points, Know All

2 months ago By Ronny Walker

Grand Theft Auto V has become one of the great successes of Rockstar Games, regardless of the time that has passed since its release. And among the characters that have gone through the saga, Trevor from GTA 5 has become one of the most remembered.

The Protagonist, Trevor Philips was born in 1973 on the border of the United States of America and Canada, although his residence is in Sandy Shores. And, of course, he is one of the three protagonists of GTA V. As shown from the beginning, he is a frequent drug user and not very calm because, almost always, he is involved in problems and fights. He is an ex-military pilot who has his own company named Trevor Philips Industries. Based on his own words, this is intended for the purchase and sale of drugs and weapons that, as missions are overcome, increase until it monopolizes the market.

Before the robbery carried out in Ludendorff, Trevor tried to play hockey, but his coach had an “accident” with the stick to play and therefore gave up on this task to be part of the air force. And although he stood out in this job and showed great gifts, before receiving his wings, the head of the psychology department classified him as mentally unstable, thus ending his presence in the academy. This hard blow led him to meet Michael Townley, who initiated him into the criminal world and thanks to whom he met Brad, a great friend of Mike’s. And at which point Trevor began his path as a criminal.

Trevor Philips Relationships

In his criminal life, Trevor makes a series of friends that, without a doubt, are not the best company. But we review some of Trevor’s relationships in GTA that have most marked his passage through history.

Michael De Santa is Trevor’s best friend and with whom he has been in a relationship for a long time. After 9 years without contact, they work together again, although problems are not long in coming, especially when an event related to Brad endangers Michael’s life and especially his friendship.

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Franklin Clinton is about a 25-year-old with great con skills. His relationship with Trevor begins in The Kidnapping of Mr K, at which point he introduces them to Michael.

Wade Hebert is about a young Yankee who works as an agent in Trevor’s company. A relationship that began one day when Wade was on his way to buy drugs and his path crossed with Philips.

Within the enmities, we find Devin Weston, a billionaire who does not support Philips. Although his path was linked when Trevor worked for him stealing cars in exchange for a large sum of money.

Johnny Klebitz is Ashley’s boyfriend and a big enemy of Trevor’s. And it is that both, in addition to having an important clash in one of the missions of the game, share a wife since Trevor is the lover of Ashley Butler.

Trevor Age and Skills

Trevor’s age depends a lot on the player’s decisions since, after the mission of The Big Heist in GTA V, we can decide if he lives or dies. Trevor is the first character in the entire saga to admit that he doesn’t care about money, but that friendship is most important. He has a tattoo on his neck that is presented as a dotted line and a “Cut Here” instruction in the center of his neck.

Trevor bears a strong resemblance to his voice actor, Steve Ogg, and Jack Nicholson. He is the first protagonist who can wear women’s clothing. He is the only protagonist who owns two shelters at the same time. While controlling Trevor, if you put on a radio station he doesn’t like, he will change it after getting angry. In the case of deciding to end the character’s life, it is unknown what happens to his corpse or what happens to his company and Ron.

Trevor Philips is the basket case. With a life opposite to Michael’s stability – at least in appearance – Trevor is a psychotic character who does not deserve the slightest trust, one who hardly controls his impulses and emotions and who manages his life through his desires and the drugs. He worked as a military pilot and was a bank robber with Michael, who, until a certain point, had always been good friends—quite strange considering their very different lives and the paths they’ve chosen. What is clear, at least, is that Trevor will provide the necessary sauce to unleash the madness in GTA V.

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Trevor Personality

Trevor’s personality is designed to be different from Michael’s, but even though he can kill without blinking an eye, he is more reasoning than it might at first appear. That, according to Rockstar, is the key that marks how our opinion of the characters in GTA V can change as the game progresses and we get to know them: is the one who presents himself as such so bad? And is it a piece of bread that looks like a saint?

It is also said that Trevor could have some friction with the motorcycle gang The Lost that appeared in The Lost and the Damned: in a scene of one of the trailers he appears beating a member of the band and, later, he appears in a scene in the one that sees the logo of it.

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