Pokémon Horizon Anime: Is Ash to make his return? All signs and hints

2 months ago By Ronny Walker

As you well know, the special arc of the Pokémon anime has been broadcast in Japan, but we also already have a new season that does not focus on Ash and is called  Pokémon Horizons. This one is liking the fans and it develops pleasantly every week.

If you keep the series up to date on its Japanese broadcast, we bring you confirmation of news for this new season of the anime that will not star Ash. Remember that in Japan it was released on April 14, 2023.

Now we have been able to learn some indications that Ash could appear in the new season. This is because, in the current season, the protagonists are heading to the Galar region, where Ash became the champion of Pokémon.

Hints of Ash in the new Pokémon anime

The signs are these :

Ash won the Masters Eight tournament at the Ciudad Puntera de Galar stadium, defeating the region’s champion, Lionel, and being named Monarch of the World Series. It’s unclear when Pokémon Horizons takes place in the original series, but the technology similar to that of Ash’s time suggests that it hasn’t been long.

The producers have claimed that Ash is always 10 years old, suggesting that his victory in Galar was recent and that Pokémon Horizons follows the continuity of the original series. Given Lionel’s prominence in Galar, Ash may also be recognized in the region as the new champion.

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References to Ash or the World Series in Galar would be consistent and not seem forced. The series could avoid mentioning Ash by staying out of the big Galar cities, as Liko and Rod’s airship is headed to “an old castle.” Fans are waiting for clues as to how much of Galar will be shown in this new season, but a simple poster or ad for Ash would be a subtle nod and fans would love it.

We will be attentive to see if there is finally a reference to Ash in the next episodes. What do you think? What do you think it will be? You can find our coverage of the Pokémon anime here and its Western release here.

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