What Will Be Expected Release Date For Valorant Mobile?

4 months ago By AI Smith

Riot Games is once again ready to make waves in the world of gaming. This time, they’re setting their sights on the mobile gaming arena with Valorant Mobile. As of now, Valorant Mobile is undergoing a closed beta test exclusively in China, and the gaming community is eagerly anticipating its global release.

Valorant Mobile is a character-based shooter that aims to revolutionize the mobile gaming landscape. It builds upon the success of Riot Games’ previous mobile venture, League of Legends: Wild Rift, and is poised to provide a fresh shooter-style experience tailored for both casual gamers and dedicated Valorant fans. 

With exciting leaks emerging from this mobile adaptation, including mobile-exclusive elements, a cross-progression system, a Valorant Mobile Global Championship, and more, the expectations are soaring. One of the burning questions on everyone’s minds is: When can we expect Valorant Mobile to be released?

Valorant Mobile’s Expected Release Window

As of now, Riot Games has not officially confirmed the release date for Valorant Mobile. However, there are significant insights and developments that can provide us with an approximate timeframe.

The closed beta phase of Valorant Mobile began in China during the third quarter of 2022. Subsequently, the development progressed, and improved iterations of the game were rolled out in 2023. Throughout this period, we’ve seen frequent gameplay leaks surfacing from the ongoing Closed Beta in China.

Based on this information and the typical development timeline of games, it is reasonable to anticipate that Valorant Mobile will see a global release in the coming years. While there hasn’t been an official announcement, a late 2024 release date is a plausible estimate.

What adds an interesting twist to the release strategy is the possibility that the global version of Valorant Mobile may be launched before the Chinese version. This potential shift in the release order is attributed to licensing delays, indicating that Riot Games might adopt a region-specific release strategy to navigate regulatory hurdles.

While the Chinese beta testing phase saw concerns about unexpectedly low player engagement, it’s essential to note that this is a common issue during the testing phase of many games’ development. These challenges often push developers to detect and correct any faults that may impact player involvement. 

The latest playtests in North America suggest that developers are actively refining the game for a broader audience, reaffirming their commitment to delivering a polished and exciting mobile gaming experience for Valorant fans around the world.

For precise release dates and further updates on Valorant Mobile, it’s advisable to stay tuned to official announcements from Riot Games, which are likely to provide more insights into the game’s progress and expected launch date.

Valorant Mobile: What Is The Exciting Features and Leaks?

Valorant Mobile has been the subject of numerous exciting leaks, giving us a glimpse into the features and gameplay elements players can look forward to

Customizable HUD Features: Leaked gameplay footage from the Chinese beta reveals that Valorant Mobile will offer customizable HUD (Heads-Up Display) features. This allows players to tailor their gaming interface according to their preferences and needs, providing a personalized gaming experience.

Visual Aids for Newcomers: Visible blue lines on the ground guide players to their starting points. This addition reflects the developer’s commitment to creating a less overwhelming environment for newcomers, making the game more accessible.

Gyroscopic Mechanism: To address concerns about precise gunfight encounters and weapon recoil, Valorant Mobile incorporates a gyroscopic mechanism. This feature empowers players to control recoil more effectively, enhancing their shooting accuracy.

Map and Agent Features: The Chinese Beta appears to mirror an older version (Patch 6.08) of the PC version. Some elements of the gameplay differ, such as the pricing of weapons, the abilities of certain Agents, and the layout of the Breeze map. However, these disparities might be subject to further changes as the game progresses.

Maps and Agents: The maps available during beta testing in China include Ascent, Bind, Split, Haven, and Breeze. The current roster of Agents in the Closed Beta Test comprises Raze, Jett, Phoenix, Yoru, Reyna, Sage, Cypher, Chamber, Killjoy, Viper, Breach, Sova, Skye, and Brimstone.

Exclusive Features: Valorant Mobile introduces exclusive elements to enhance the gaming experience. This includes the post-match MVP animation, which showcases unique animations for Agents displaying their abilities. This engaging visual feature adds depth to the post-match experience.

Aim Training Mode: Valorant Mobile includes an integrated aim-training mode, allowing players to practice their aiming skills and map awareness. This unique addition to the franchise provides players with opportunities to fine-tune their aim, positioning, and map awareness.

Cross-Progression, Tokens, and Skins

Valorant Mobile introduces the exciting prospect of cross-progression, allowing players to seamlessly transfer their skins and cosmetic items between the PC and mobile versions of the game. This feature is highly appealing, offering players the opportunity to maintain a consistent gaming identity and virtual item collection across platforms. Cross-progression has become a popular trend in the gaming industry, providing a more cohesive gaming experience.

The closed beta content reveals the development of an XP-based progression system. This system will allow players to level up and access agents and their corresponding gear. However, the specifics of how this system will interact with the cross-progression feature are yet to be fully clarified.

One intriguing aspect related to the in-game economy is the emergence of a currency known as “Test Tokens.” During the beta phase, players can exclusively earn these tokens by completing objectives and daily rewards. It’s important to note that these tokens are likely a placeholder for a purchasable currency that will be introduced when the mobile version launches globally.

Valorant Mobile Global Championship Set for 2024

One of the most exciting developments surrounding Valorant Mobile is the Valorant Mobile Global Championship, expected to take place in 2024. While the details are still based on rumors, there’s a strong possibility that this championship will run alongside the Valorant Champions Tour. This indicates Riot Games’ commitment to mobile gaming esports.

Chinese organizations have reportedly been actively preparing for this event, with several teams already forming rosters or expressing interest. The rumored team names involved in this venture include APC, Ag Fox, ED, LDG, MG, Nip, Q9, RSG, TJB, and Wolves. These rumors offer exciting prospects for Valorant Mobile esports, but it’s crucial to await official announcements for confirmed details and dates.

Valorant Mobile is a highly anticipated addition to the mobile gaming landscape. The game is expected to offer a fresh and engaging gaming experience with exciting features and elements designed to captivate players. 

As development and testing continue, players can stay informed by keeping an eye on official announcements from Riot Games for the latest updates and the precise release date. While we don’t have an exact release date yet, the future of Valorant Mobile looks promising and full of potential.

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