When Will Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Be Available On Xbox Game Pass?

1 months ago By Aaron Whittakar

Few video games have the same level of worldwide influence as Call of Duty. Every day, millions of players across the world engage in intense daily gameplay of this game with an unmatched devotion. Call of Duty’s growing popularity in 2019 gave rise to Modern Warfare Multiplayer. originally-person shooter role-playing game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was originally made available on PlayStation 4, Windows, and Xbox One. Modern Warfare Multiplayer made sure to provide more upgrades with improved visuals, additional missions, and an all-around better gameplay experience after the positive reception its original edition had.

The 2011 global release of Modern Warfare 3 saw a relaunch with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer. Following in the footsteps of the original, Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer is available on platforms other than gaming consoles like the PlayStation, XBox, and others. The decision to release a multiplayer game follows the advancement of mobile and tablet technologies. On October 3, 2023, a trailer for the much awaited game will be unveiled to the players. The video game Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer is a direct continuation of Modern Warfare 2, which was released the previous year.

It is intended to build upon the foundation created by MW2, providing fans with a Call of Duty experience unlike anything they have ever experienced.

Like the original, MW3 Multiplayer centres the campaign on Task Force 141, which consists of Soap MacTavish, Captain Price, and Yuri, a freshly introduced playable character. Along with the Special Air Service and Delta Force, they seek Vladimir Makarov, the main antagonist of the trilogy and the head of the Russian Ultranationalist organisation.He plans many acts of terrorism across Europe, which ignites a long-lasting battle between the armies of the allies and the Ultranationalists. The multiplayer portion of the game now includes new modes and killstreak opportunities. Furthermore, adjustments to the mode are allegedly designed to solve issues with Modern Warfare 2.

All 16 of the Modern Warfare 2 original map sets are available in Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer. These maps have undergone significant changes, including new gameplay and modes that will draw in players when they launch. Modern Warfare III will also feature the dramatic return and extension of the immensely popular War Mode, which made its debut in 2017’s Call of Duty: WWII, along with brand-new Ground War maps with imaginative play locations.

So, when will MW3 be available to play on XBox Game Pass?

Many players are left perplexed by Microsoft’s takeover of Activision Blizzard and question if a Call of Duty:MW3 Game Pass release is feasible or not. We can go into the intricacies of the MW3 Game Pass even though the Call of Duty series under Microsoft’s ownership is still unclear in its entirety. Therefore, now that Activision is a part of Microsoft, if you’re wanting to start using Xbox Game Pass, we have all the information you need.

With any luck, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will improve on both the positive and negative aspects of its predecessor, making it one of the greatest competitive first-person shooter games available. The information so far has us enthusiastic about Call of Duty:MW3, but we’ll have to wait till the game’s release date to find out for sure. A Modern Warfare 3 Game Pass release would only make things better.

Activision’s current marketing partnership with PlayStation means that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 will not be available on Game Pass at launch. This was made clear in the FTC v. Microsoft court case, when it was said that Call of Duty would not be permitted to launch on Game Pass until at least 2025.

According to Tom Warren of The Verge, the CMA said that Call of Duty won’t be available on the platform until 2025. This will last until it expires in 2025 since Sony and Activision had an agreement before Microsoft bought the business. Activision and Microsoft won’t contemplate adding any further Call of Duty titles to Xbox or PC Game Pass until that agreement has ended.

Therefore, not only will MW3 not be available on Microsoft’s subscription service when it launches, but a possible 2024 sequel will also not be allowed to debut on the platform on day one. Nonetheless, Microsoft did affirm in a blog post that it plans to “make Activision Blizzard’s much-loved library of games available in Game Pass, including Overwatch, Diablo, and Call of Duty.” Thus, it’s feasible that MW3 and the whole Call of Duty game catalog may be included to Game Pass after 2025.

It is terrible news, no question, for ardent Game Pass lovers who are enjoying its perks on console and PC. Many had predicted that Call of Duty and later Medal of Honor will be included to the Game Pass collection as soon as this acquisition was announced. If you want to play, though, you’ll need to buy the game separately—at least before 2025, when it could become available on the platform.

Even if it had been permitted by contract, being included on Game Pass would have had a significant influence on the release of MW3, since customers to the service could have started playing for free straight away immediately. Still, Call of Duty has always been a hugely profitable franchise, with even its less popular games bringing in large sums of money. Therefore, we may anticipate a successful launch for the game even in the absence of a MW3 Game Pass release, especially given how Call of Duty MW3 multiplayer is developing.

That’s all the information you sought about the Modern Warfare 3 Game Pass. We’re still in for some amazing first-person shooter action, even if it would have been fantastic to have what is probably going to be one of the greatest FPS games when it is launched easily accessible on the excellent subscription service. While, it is unfortunate news that MW3 will not be playable for Game Pass users, do not lose hope, you can definitely find substitution ways to enjoy this magnificent and enchanting game!

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