Dave Norton GTA V character analysis – skills, strong & weak points, know all

2 months ago By Ronny Walker

Dave Norton is the FIB agent blamed for Michael’s “death” in North Yankton 9 years ago. He struck a deal with him, setting him up for a new life in Los Santos. Norton gives jobs to Michael, Franklin and Trevor. He is a corrupt FIB agent, though not as much as his boss Steve Haines. Unlike Haines, he is portrayed as a reasonable and polite man, preferring to solve problems amicably rather than using violence. However, he is more than capable of breaking the law if it means maintaining or advancing his career.

David Norton was born in an unknown year but probably in the late 60s due to his appearance and joined the FIB before 2004. He was involved in the investigations into the robberies of criminals Michael Townley, Trevor Philips and others. with Townley who asks for his help to get out of crime so they both plan Michael’s death in a botched robbery that ends with Michael supposedly dead and Brad arrested, but in reality, Brad dies and Michael goes to Los Santos and takes much of his money to buy a mansion for his family. Years later after Michael and Franklin rob a jewellery store, he shows up at Michael’s house in fear of Trevor discovering that he “isn’t feeding vermin at the Canadian border.”

Dave Norton GTA V

So he and his superior Steve Haines ask him for several jobs such as breaking into a funeral home, robbing an IAA terrorist suspect, breaking into a military laboratory to steal a chemical weapon, and breaking into the FIB building to steal a document that incriminates Haines. Until an error in the FIB causes Michael, Haines, Norton and Agent Sanchez to meet at the Kortz Center. 

After Haines orders Sanchez to arrest Michael and Norton, Haines pulls out a gun at the same time as Michael, just as Norton points to Sanchez, so an IAA team and a corrupt FIB team (Called by Agent Sanchez), along with a Merryweather helicopter arrive at the scene then Norton with the help of Michael and Trevor kill everyone and flee. After the mission “Lamar in danger” he and Haines meet with Franklin and ask him to kill Trevor as “he’s uncontrollable”. If the player chooses Option C also known as “Deathwish” (Deathwish) after the end Norton sends an email to Trevor and says that he wrote Brad’s letters. He also calls Michael and tells him that he got a new job and is happy, so they both say goodbye and he asks Michael to “behave”.


Even standing next to Steve Haines, Norton is not an Antagonist and prefers the logical way of things, without deaths and calmly. This is seen in the quest The Closing. In a way, he is Michael’s friend. If the player chooses Option A at the end, Dave will be fired, if the player chooses Option C, Dave will be offered a new job and will be very happy with it.

Your Oracle license is “81TDS937”. Unlike the other Deutragonists in the game, Dave does not appear in “The C Option” ending, not least because he supports the Sense ending.

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After getting knocked out by Dave, you wake up in the LS morgue. Listen to the conversation between the two doctors, and press the button to wake up before they begin the autopsy. Once on your feet, knock out the guardian, then go to the back room to find the body you’re looking for.

You will then be confronted by the security officers of the building. Slowly progress by taking cover and using Michael’s special skill, then collect your clothes and weapons. Jump out the window, then steal one of the cars in the parking lot.

Lose the police, then join Franklin at the indicated place to complete the mission.

Get 100%:

Accuracy – Finish with a shot accuracy of at least 70%

Headshots – Kill 14 enemies by shooting them in the head

Time – Complete in less than 9.5 minutes

Focused Killer – Kill 4 enemies with Michael’s special skill

Unscathed – Very little damage taken

Three is better

After the cutscene, get into Dave’s car and drive to the meeting point. You start as Trevor and have to fly the helicopter to the IAA office. Once there, you take control of Michael and must abseil to reach the window where your target is. Once inside, switch to Franklin to shoot the agents with a sniper, then return to Michael to finish the job. When the enemy helicopters arrive, shoot at them with Franklin, until they are out of range. You must then shoot them down with Michael. Once done, take control of Trevor and bring everyone back to their destination to complete the mission.

Get 100%:

Time – Complete in less than 7.5 minutes

Accuracy – Finish with a shot accuracy of at least 60%

Headshots – Kill 10 enemies by shooting them in the head

We pack up

During your conversation with Dave, you find yourself surrounded by the FIB, the IAA (note the presence of UL Paper from GTA IV), Merryweather, and others. Once all these enemies are scattered, progress to the balcony, then take control of Trevor to shoot down the helicopter and protect Dave who is at the bottom. Take back control of Michael, then join Dave, before fleeing to the parking lot.

A helicopter will come after you. You can attempt to outrun it, but it’s better to go down and shoot it down. Join Trevor at the indicated location to complete the mission.

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