PUBG Mobile Suspends Over 412,753 Accounts For Cheating In Week 39

1 months ago By Ronny Walker

PUBG Mobile, one of the most popular games in the world, has long been a battleground not just for players seeking chicken dinners but also for those looking to cheat their way to victory. In an ongoing battle to maintain the integrity of fair gameplay, PUBG Mobile’s developers have implemented a stringent anti-cheat system. In Week 39, they took a significant step by permanently suspending a staggering 412,753 accounts for cheating. This article explores the details of this massive crackdown on cheaters and how it reflects the ongoing struggle for a level playing field in the world of PUBG Mobile.

The Prevalence of Cheating

The immense popularity of PUBG Mobile is a double-edged sword. With millions of players around the globe, the game naturally attracts a segment of players who engage in malpractices and corrupt the fairness of the game. Cheating in PUBG Mobile takes various forms, from using aimbots and wallhacks to speed hacks and third-party plugins that alter the game’s dynamics. In the absence of an effective anti-cheat system, these cheaters can disrupt the experience for honest players and taint the competitive spirit of the game.

The Anti-Cheat Crusade

To combat this growing problem, PUBG Mobile’s developers introduced the Ban Pan 2.0 system. This system is a robust anti-cheat mechanism designed to detect and ban cheaters instantly. It uses various methods to identify suspicious activity, including data analysis of player matches and reports from other players who suspect cheating. Moreover, the Ban Pan system employs a team of human investigators who manually review reports of cheating, adding an extra layer of vigilance.

The Ban Pan Report

In the most recent Ban Pan Report, covering the period from 9/29 to 10/5, PUBG Mobile permanently suspended a staggering 412,753 accounts. This action was not taken lightly, and it reflects the seriousness with which the developers are committed to maintaining a fair and balanced gaming environment. The report also highlighted the suspension of 17,231 devices, underscoring the developers’ resolve to tackle the issue at its root.

Types of cheating

The Ban Pan system categorizes cheating into various types, each with its ban duration and severity. According to the report, 17% of cheaters were banned for using auto-aim, giving them an unfair advantage in gunfights. An additional 8% faced bans for employing X-ray vision to spot enemies through walls, a practice that undermines fair gameplay. 7% of the cheaters were suspended for using speed hacks, enabling them to outrun their opponents unfairly. Another 8% received bans for exploiting area damage modifications, leading to increased bullet damage, and finally, 60% of the cheaters were banned for using third-party plugins to modify their character.

The severity of bans

PUBG Mobile understands that not all forms of cheating are equal. Consequently, the severity of the bans imposed varies based on the type of cheating detected. For instance, players caught using a wallhack may receive a shorter ban compared to those caught using an aimbot, which is considered a more severe offence. This tiered approach to banning ensures that cheaters face appropriate consequences.

Community Involvement

One key aspect of the Ban Pan system is community involvement. Players are encouraged to report suspected cheaters, which not only helps in identifying wrongdoers but also fosters a sense of collective responsibility for a clean gaming environment. This system creates a partnership between players and developers, making it clear that the fight against cheating is a shared endeavour.

The battle against cheaters in PUBG Mobile continues, and the recent suspension of over 412,753 accounts in Week 39 is a testament to the developers’ unwavering commitment to fair play. The Ban Pan 2.0 system, supported by a dedicated team of investigators and vigilant players, is a vital tool in maintaining the integrity of this immensely popular game. With its tiered ban approach, PUBG Mobile ensures that the punishment fits the crime, further underscoring the seriousness with which they address cheating. As players, we must do our part by reporting suspicious activity and upholding the spirit of fair competition, ensuring that PUBG Mobile remains an enjoyable and balanced gaming experience for all.

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