Why The Community Can’t Get Enough Of The OG Days In Fortnite?

2 days ago By Aaron Whittakar

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season OG is undoubtedly one of the most exciting seasons that Epic Games has released so far. Fans are definitely exhilarated to experience a throwback to the OG days. This journey through the past has given fans some unique experiences, themes, and gameplay mechanics. Not only has Epic Games succeeded in taking players back to Fortnite’s roots, it has also given its relatively newer players a chance to experience the original days. As expected, the Fortnite community simply can’t get enough of the new season.

This sort of homecoming to the iconic OG days has caused a resurgence in the community, and many players have returned to enjoy it. The proof is in the numbers, as the player numbers in the past few days have risen beyond the 44.7 million mark. This is amazing news for Epic Games, and the appeal of Fortnite Chapter 1 has remained as strong as ever. Among all this madness, it is necessary to note that it’s not just a nostalgic trip down memory lane, but something that goes even deeper into the game’s origins.

The return to the iconic Chapter 1 of Fortnite has also brought many beloved elements that are synonymous with the early days of the game. We will look at five of the main reasons why the Fortnite community is simply enthralled with the current chapter and their love for the OG days. So, let’s take a look at why Chapter 4 Season 5 or OG, is such a compelling journey back to the game’s origins.

Why the Community Can’t Get Enough of the OG Days in Fortnite?

  1. Familiar Color Palette

As the season was launched, players dove right into the game and were hit with a familiar sight. The return to the Chapter 1 map saw the game revert to a more familiar color palette and look that were reminiscent of the original style. This struck a nostalgic chord with veteran players. The color palette is less vibrant and more muted than the previous seasons. The distinctive aesthetics are also another call back to Fortnite’s early days, which were known for more simple designs and engaging gameplay. The familiar color palette and simpler aesthetics of the game are sure to invoke a feeling of nostalgia among players who have been playing Fortnite since its initial launch.

  • Even More Streamlined Gameplay Mechanics

Over the years, Fortnite has definitely evolved with respect to its gameplay. The game has introduced even more intricate mechanics and innovations in the past few years. However, the game’s original season stood out for its more simple and straightforward approach to gameplay. This means that in Chapter 4 Season OG, Fortnite puts away all the complexities that were brought in during other seasons and reverts to more simple mechanics. When players play the ongoing season, they will notice that they no longer have to grapple with reality augments and hunt for vaults, as they now have the freedom to enjoy the integral elements of the game.

  • No NPCs and Wildlife

Before Chapter 4 Season OG, the game had introduced NPCs (non-playable characters) and wildlife in the game. These added a lot of engagement and depth which immensely helped players immerse themselves in the game’s story. While these additions had their benefits, it also often caused the focus to move away from player versus-player interactions, which is the entire idea behind the game’s battle royale concept.

Traveling back to the original season means that there will no longer be any NPCs or wildlife to clutter the game. Instead, players will be able to solely focus on making every fight, win, and decision against the opponent players. This aspect of the game is further pushed by Epic Games, as it has been reported that it will be bringing multiple changes to how bot lobbies work in Chapter 4 of Season

  • OG Loot Pool Returns

Another thing that the early days were known for was their classic weapons, and you best believe that Season OG has brought them back. Popular items like the OG Pump Shotgun, LMG, and the OG Assault Rifle are all making their iconic comeback to the game. The classic loot pool will include simpler weapon options. This is an ode to a time in which players had fewer things to consider when entering a match. Not only is it a trip down memory lane, but it also comes with weapons and items to accompany players.

  • Simple and Iconic Points of Interest (POIs)

One of the distinct features of the Chapter 1 map was the Points of Interest or POIs and landmarks that were scattered across. These features have a special place in the hearts of Fortnite players. Now, with the OG season, iconic locations like the Titled Towers, Pleasant Park, Greasy Grove, and Risky Reels have returned to the game’s battleground.

The less complicated layouts and simple designs of the map now make it more like a memorable adventure for the players. These familiar sights will no doubt evoke a sense of happiness in players’ minds as they traverse through the OG world of Fortnite. Among all the evolutions that Fortnite has been going through, a return to simpler times is surely something the players love.

The need to go back to the game’s original season is clearly something that the community has been asking for. It is also another affirmation for Epic Games that what they had with the creation of Fortnite was always something special. The season’s short run-time could also be attributed to the fact that players would much rather prefer these classic locations when in combat with their opponents.

As all good things need to come to an end, Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 5 will end on 3rd December 2023. Until then, players have a chance to relive their earlier memories of playing Fortnite as the game celebrates its origins and rich history. Once the season comes to an end, whatever new Epic Games has in store for its Fortnite players is bound to make an even bigger splash with the community.

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