Lamar Davis GTA V character analysis – skills, strong & weak points, know all

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In Grand Theft Auto V, not only the main protagonists affect the progress of the story, but also several minor characters. They work closely with the main characters, influencing events and decisions. Lamar Davis is a close friend of Franklin Clinton. Familiar with the main character since childhood. Many of the protagonist’s problems stem from Lamar’s mistakes and stunning actions.

Little is known about the biography of the character. He was born in 1988. Lamar grew up in a poor family, like all residents of the district. He went to the local Davis school with Franklin, Tanisha, and Tonya Wiggins. Unlike the main character, he finished his training and was not excluded. Along with Franklin, they are involved in petty theft and car theft. Before he begins the story, he gets a job at a local car dealership with his best friend. The partners are engaged in stealing cars from debtors under the leadership of the Armenian Simon Etarian. He regularly draws the main character in “questionable” cases and projects. The only person who supports Franklin in the criminal world before the start of GTA V. 

Lamar in GTA 5 does not stand out against the background of friends and gang members. She prefers to wear green clothes since she is a member of the Family Association. His height is 1.85 m approximately. He seems a little older than his age. The character resides on Forum Drive near Franklin and not far from the rest of the family group.

Hero character

A little more can be told about the character and behaviour of the character. It’s bold, but always out of place. He is not friendly with logic and does not know how to plan his affairs. He wants to earn money and become a criminal authority, but due to his laziness, he only gets attracted to questionable cases. Because of this, he regularly asks Franklin for help.

Lamar Davis takes every opportunity, but he can’t get out of poverty no matter how hard he tries. Due to the success of his best friend, he is constantly mocked and berated for giving up on the gang and the dream.

Role in the game’s plot

Most of the time, Lamar interacts with Franklin Clinton. With joint cases, the story mode begins. The character participates in the following tasks:

Franklin and Lamar: Introductory mission with the theft of two convertibles. Start of the game.

Requisition: Return of the stolen motorcycle to Simon’s living room.

Chop: Lamar needs help kidnapping a member of the Ballas gang.

Safari in the area: The friends are involved in a skirmish with a hostile group. You can complete the task by playing as Trevor.

Deep implementation: Lamar participates in stealing a car for the future Trinity robbery.

Kidnapper: Drive a truck with cars to the desired point and shoot from the pursuers.

Lamar is in trouble: An example of a hero getting into trouble all the time. Franklin must rescue a friend from the sawmill.

The final mission: The role of the character in the mission depends on the choice of the ending when playing for Franklin.

Davis also appears in several cut scenes and periodically calls Franklin Clinton on the phone. They usually contact each other before or after joint tasks.

Missions in GTA Online

In GTA Online, Lamar is one of the key employers. In the missions themselves, he does not participate but actively communicates in the opening scenes with a gang of players. Los Santos is known to be the biggest gathering place for all lowrider enthusiasts in the state of San Andreas. It is with the automotive culture associated with a set of missions.

Initial tasks

The player’s first encounter with Lamar in GTA Online is arriving in Los Santos by plane. The character picks up the hero from the airport and introduces him to the course of business. He talks about the main classes, events, and entertainment. The player is given a starting pistol and receives an offer to participate in a street race. After winning the contest, you need to make a deal with Lamar. Then there will be a series of tasks:

Ballas to the Wall: You have to drive through the points on the map and get rid of the representatives of the enemy gang Ballas.

San Andreas Seoul: Task with the hijacking and delivery of the fuel truck to the warehouse. For 4 players.

Ticket to Elysium: Hijack an oil tanker in North Los Santos and evade the police.

Going down the GOH: Another task with the theft of the vehicle and escort to the point.

Caught napping: Mission to rescue a member of the Familias gang. Escort the hero to his store in the city.

Lost MC RIP: Go to the graveyard and kill all the members of the biker gang.

No Smoking: Hijack a trailer and deliver it to a local depot.

These tasks gradually open from levels 5 to 30 of the character. When unlocked, the player will receive a notification or call from Lamar on his mobile phone. Getting rich on quests will not work, the payout is up to 3 thousand dollars.

Lowrider Update

In the 2015 update, a campaign featuring Lamar’s missions was added under the name Lowriders. Description of 8 new tasks:

Community outreach: The introductory mission. The players dress in the colours of the enemy gangs and under the guise of lowriders they provoke a conflict between Ballas and Vagos. To do this, you must kill group members during the transaction. Then return to Benny’s workshop, where in GTA 5 Lamar issues tasks.

Slow and Low: Search for two. Each player takes a favourite bass driver and drives it to the garage. On the road, you can’t get the attention of police cars. Upon his arrival, Lamar reports that the Ballas have learned of the deal. You must destroy your opponents to complete successfully.

It’s a G thing: Search for two. Drug dealer Gerald, who is familiar to the player from the introductory tasks, is arrested after a failed deal. The heroes must save him before the plane leaves Los Santos. Players are waiting for a mass shooting with police and the army at the airport.

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Funeral party: The job is for 4 people. Lamar calls the group to Jack Yellow’s bar. He talks about the funeral of a Vagos member. The event is taking place right now, so the characters need to go there in disguise and stage a robbery. Kill everyone Vagosov needs a gun. Then the hearse is stolen and the pursuers are eliminated.

Lowrider Envy: The number of participants is reduced to two. Davies makes contact and reports the need to destroy the Ballas. In parallel, it is necessary to steal his cars and destroy one of the next lowriders. One player serves as a cover with a sniper rifle, and the second storms the enemy base.

Aim and Shoot: A secret mission, during which you must photograph the cars of the enemy gang. He then sends the footage to Lamar and steals the lowriders needed after the shootout.

Desperate times call: With partners, you have to drive around the city and get rid of the main forces of Ballas and Vagos.

Offers of peace: You need to steal two classic cars for future projects and drive them to Benny’s workshop, simultaneously fighting the cars.

To earn more money for each task, set a high difficulty level with one life per team. You can pre-train in light mode.

Interesting details about the character:

the hero claims to be part Apache by blood, and is proud of it; in cut scenes, Lamar is taller than Franklin, but in-game he’s the complete opposite; on West Coast Classics radio, you can hear the talk show host poking fun at Davis’ image and his image as a street gangster.

Lamar Davis is a funny but lazy guy. He doesn’t understand how to run a business, so he regularly becomes the centre of trouble. Davis doesn’t follow the language, which is what his friend Franklin is paying for. He has a memorable charisma and manner of speaking. In GTA Online he appears more often than in the story.

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