Valorant Agents For Map In July 2023: From Best To Worst, Know All

10 months ago By AI Smith

Valorant, the tactical shooter developed by Riot Games, offers players a diverse selection of agents, each with their own unique abilities. These agents play a crucial role in determining the outcome of matches on different maps. In this detailed guide, we will explore each map in Valorant and provide insights into the best and worst agents to use on each map in July 2023.


Ascent is a two-site map known for its three main routes. The B site offers a room accessible from both sides, making it a challenging site to attack. The A site features two long straights, while the middle of the map provides an open section connecting both sites.

Best Agents for Ascent:

  • Jett: Jett’s mobility and vision-blocking smokes make her a versatile duelist, allowing for quick site entries and evasive maneuvers.
  • Sova: Sova’s Recon Dart is invaluable for gathering information on Ascent’s paper-thin walls and can be paired with other initiators for successful site entries.
  • Omen: Omen’s smokes, near-sighting ability, and teleporting powers make him a versatile pick, capable of disrupting enemies and providing strategic advantage.
  • Killjoy: Killjoy’s Nanoswarms, Alarm Bot, and Turret make her an excellent choice for anchoring sites and denying enemy pushes.

Worst Agents for Ascent:

  • Yoru: Yoru’s independent playstyle and hit-or-miss kit make him less effective on Ascent, where team coordination and site control are crucial.
  • Viper: Viper’s immobile kit and limited rotation options make her less suitable for the fast-paced nature of Ascent.
  • Gekko: Gekko’s limited initiation potential and inability to clear angles efficiently make him a weaker choice on Ascent.


Bind features two location and has a reputation for its closely-spaced areas. The map requires aggressive and flexible approaches to effectively enter sites and execute post-plants or retakes.

Best Agents for Bind:

  • Raze: Raze’s explosive abilities make her an excellent choice for creating chaos and dealing damage in Bind’s tight spaces.
  • Skye: Skye’s flashes and Seekers provide exceptional utility for initiating and gathering information on enemies.
  • Brimstone: Brimstone’s Sky Smokes and Stim Beacon offer valuable cover and combat support for executing strategies on Bind.
  • Sage: Sage’s Barrier Orb can create safe planting areas and stop aggressive pushes through chokepoints, while her Slow Orb provides crowd control.

Worst Agents for Bind:

  • Neon: Neon’s movement-restricting abilities are less effective in Bind’s tightly-packed areas.
  • Sova: Sova’s intel-gathering abilities can be countered easily in Bind, and other agents like Skye or Fade provide better intimidation.


Haven is a unique map in Valorant as it features three sites, requiring defenders to cover a larger area. This map presents a challenge for defenders due to the need for constant vigilance and repositioning.

Best Agents for Haven:

  • Raze: Raze’s area denial abilities allow for single-handedly controlling any of Haven’s narrow entry passages, both on offense and defense.
  • Breach: Breach’s stunning and flashing abilities are essential for initiating attacks and defending against enemy pushes.
  • Omen: Omen’s teleportation and vision-blocking ability make him a strong choice for controlling chokepoints and disorienting enemies.
  • Sage: Sage’s Barrier Orb is useful for safe Spike plants and stopping aggressive pushes, while her Slow Orb can be combined with other deterrent utilities for lethal damage or securing kills.

Worst Agents for Haven:

  • Phoenix: Phoenix’s kit is less impactful compared to other duelists like Jett, Raze, and Neon, particularly considering Haven’s geometry.
  • Brimstone: Brimstone’s limited smokes make it difficult to rotate freely and cover all of Haven’s choke points effectively.


Fracture stands out with its unique design, where defenders start in the center and split up to defend two sites. Attackers can take ziplines across the map, providing multiple angles of attack.

Best Agents for Fracture:

  • Neon: Neon’s mobility and utilities allow for swift rotations and safe area clearing, making her invaluable on Fracture.
  • Breach: Breach’s stunning and flashing abilities are crucial for dealing with multiple angles and narrow passages on Fracture.
  • Brimstone: Brimstone’s instant Sky Smokes and combat stim are highly effective in Fracture’s fast-paced gameplay.
  • Deadlock: Deadlock’s sound sensors and barrier mesh provide excellent control and annoyance for enemies on Fracture.

Worst Agents for Fracture:

  • Reyna: Reyna’s self-centered playstyle offers limited team value, and her abilities do not contribute much to site control.
  • Sova: Sova’s kit, while popularized by professional teams on Fracture, struggles due to the map’s crowdy geometry and the ability to counter his key abilities easily.


Pearl is a straightforward map with no gimmicks, offering opportunities for mid-control and long-range fights in the B Long corridor.

Best Agents for Pearl:

  • Jett: Jett’s mobility and smokes provide excellent control and aggression on Pearl, making her the go-to duelist.
  • Astra: Astra’s large smokes and versatile utilities make her a strong pick, complementing Pearl’s ambiance.
  • Killjoy: Killjoy’s utilities offer control over a large portion of Pearl’s map area, making her a great defender.

Worst Agents for Pearl:

  • Yoru: Yoru’s limited team value and aggressive playstyle make him less effective compared to other duelists and initiators on Pearl.
  • Brimstone: Brimstone’s limited smokes hinder his effectiveness in providing cover on Pearl, where versatile controllers are preferred.
  • Sage: Sage’s defensive-focused kit may limit the team’s options on Pearl, where other sentinel agents offer more value.


Lotus is a map with a three-site layout, featuring spinning doors and a destructible door that connects A Main and the B Site.

Best Agents for Lotus:

  • Neon: Neon’s mobility and utilities make her an excellent choice for rotations and clearing common spots.
  • Skye: Skye’s flashes, telekinetic tiger, and seekers make her a strong solo initiator on Lotus.
  • Harbor: Harbor’s wall, cascades, and ultimate provide great control and utility on this unique map.
  • Killjoy: Killjoy’s kit is well-suited for site defense and denying enemy movements on Lotus.

Worst Agents for Lotus:

  • Phoenix: Phoenix’s flashes may not cover enough angles, and his kit doesn’t offer significant advantages on Lotus compared to other duelists.
  • Sova: Sova’s abilities face limitations due to the map’s barriers and wall angles, making other initiators like Skye or Fade more effective choices.
  • Sage: Sage’s kit may limit defensive capabilities on Lotus, and other sentinel agents offer more value in terms of site control.


Split recently returned to the map rotation with some improvements. The map is characterized by tight lanes and verticality, requiring strategic maneuvering and control.

Best Agents for Split:

  • Raze: Raze’s explosive abilities excel in Split’s tight lanes, creating chaos and dealing damage.
  • Skye: Skye’s flashes and Seekers are valuable for initiating engagements and gathering information.
  • Omen: Omen’s teleportation and vision-blocking ability make him a versatile solo controller on Split.

Worst Agents for Split:

  • Yoru: Yoru’s teleportation ability may not be as impactful on Split, and other duelists like Jett or Raze offer better entry fragging capabilities.
  • Chamber: Chamber’s long-ranged kit may struggle to find value on Split’s closely-packed areas, and other sentinel agents provide stronger defensive options.

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each agent on different maps is crucial for success in Valorant. Ascent favors versatile agents like Jett, Sova, Omen, and Killjoy. On Bind, agents like Raze, Skye, Brimstone, and Sage thrive in the closely-spaced areas. 

Haven demands aggressive initiators like Raze, Breach, Omen, and Sage. Fracture benefits from the mobility and annoyance provided by Neon, Breach, Brimstone, and Deadlock. Pearl requires the agility of Jett, the versatility of Astra, and the defensive control of Killjoy. Lotus favors Neon, Skye, Harbor, and Killjoy for rotations and site control. 

Split showcases the effectiveness of Raze, Skye, and Omen in its tight lanes. By considering the map’s characteristics and agent abilities, players can make informed choices to maximize their performance in Valorant.

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