Valorant: All Deadlock Voices Lines & Agent Interactions In The Game

10 months ago By AI Smith

Valorant, the popular tactical shooter game, is known for its diverse cast of agents who bring their unique identities, histories, and cultural backgrounds to the battlefield. Deadlock, the latest agent to join Valorant in Episode 7 Act 1, hails from Norway and possesses the ability to disrupt enemy movement as a Sentinel. 

Alongside her abilities, Deadlock’s voice lines and interactions with other agents provide insights into her character and relationships. In this article, we will explore all of Deadlock’s voice lines and agent interactions in Valorant.

Deadlock: Match Voice Lines

From character selection to match victories, Deadlock’s voice lines convey her determination, confidence, and tactical mindset. Whether she’s rallying her team or expressing her hunger for the battle, her voice lines leave a lasting impact.

Deadlock’s voice lines showcase her battle-hardened persona, Norwegian heritage, and accent that adds to her distinctiveness. Here are the various voice lines spoken by Deadlock in different situations:

Character Select

  • Death is not an option.

Match Start

  • Trust me, we can get this job done.
  • Here again, we face our death. And again we will defy it.
  • The weight of our mission is upon us now.
  • The greatest battles ever fought are written in story books, may they write about this one.
  • Nanowire armed and ready. Kom igjen dere. (Come on guys)
  • As long as I live, so does every ståljeger (Steel hunter) before me! To battle my sisters.
  • Ammunition, time, life, these are all resources, spend them wisely.
  • Oh there’s only five of them? Kjedelig. (Boring)

Match Start – Icebox

  • (Sigh) Oh the crisp air, the crunch of ice, reminds me of home.

Match Start – Attacker

  • Ready up, first we put them on their heels, then we put them in the ground.

Match Start – Defender

  • Let them come, eagerness will endue them.

Match Win

  • This is our victory.
  • Pack your bags, tally your kills, we’re heading home.
  • Å fy faen! (Oh damn) Well done!

Deadlock: Interaction Voice Lines with Valorant Agents

Deadlock’s interactions with other agents offer glimpses into her relationships and attitudes towards her teammates and opponents. From appreciating Breach’s knockouts to challenging Gekko’s decisions, Deadlock’s lines exhibit her strong personality and assertive nature.


  • Knock them senseless, Breach.
  • Leave Breach to me.
  • Not bad, Breach, a little messy but… Not bad.
  • Maybe next time…(Giggles) Ponytail.
  • Hi, Breach. Nothing too crazy this time, yeah? I prefer writing a simple mission report.
  • They brought Breach. Å herregud, (Oh my god) I feel the headache already.
  • Breach, between us, we have three very strong arms. Don’t we?
  • Make no mistake, their Breach hides behind the chaos.


  • Jeg er lei for det. (I’m sorry) One of us had to fall.
  • Leave Deadlock to me. I know how she thinks. I know her weaknesses.


  • Fade, now you’re just showing off.
  • Take a nap.
  • Fade, if you run short on nightmares, seek me out. I will gladly share mine.


  • Their Gekko is mine.
  • Gekko down.
  • I warned you.
  • Gekko, keep a tight leash on those creatures. For their sake.
  • That Gekko gambles his own life for those creatures, he couldn’t make the hard choice. I will.
  • Neutralize the enemy Gekko and you neutralize his creatures.


  • Harbor, where the hell did you train?
  • Harbor can splash about all he wants, he won’t shield them forever.


  • Technology at its finest, well done Kay/O.
  • Scrap metal.
  • Kay/O join me on the line, we do not flinch in the face of death.
  • I will disassemble their war-machine.


  • Skye, let’s hunt.
  • Skye, you would have made a fine ståljeger. (Steel hunter)
  • Got Skye.
  • Skye, no matter where you start the fight, we finish it together.
  • Skye, don’t get shot, I need my hiking buddy in tip-top shape.


  • Sova, with me.


  • Thier Viper will try to separate us. Stay focused. Stay together.

Deadlock: Kill Voice Lines

Deadlock’s kill voice lines reflect her merciless and formidable nature. With phrases like “Ha det bra!” (Goodbye) and “Midt i smørøyet” (Bullseye), she confidently asserts her dominance on the battlefield.


  • Ha det bra! (Goodbye)
  • Hm.
  • Kill confirmed.
  • One less.
  • Okay!
  • Target down.
  • Scratch one.
  • Hostile down.
  • Problem solved.
  • So long.

Headshot Kill

  • Clean kill.
  • Headshot.
  • Die and be done!
  • Midt i smørøyet. (Bullseye)
  • It’s a kindness.
  • Good riddance.

Last Kill

  • Dra til helvete. (Go to hell)
  • Go and meet your maker.
  • They’re done.
  • All enemies accounted for.

Last Kill Enemy MVP

  • Your strongest was not enough.
  • And that was your best one, huh?

Triple Kill

  • Three down

Quadra Kill

  • Four down


  • Is there no one else?
  • There is no hiding from a ståljeger! (Steel hunter)
  • A jotun couldn’t kill me. What chance did they have?
  • Try it again, the end will be the same.

Melee Kill

  • Keep your distance.
  • Stripped Down.

Melee Last Kill

  • Let me get that close and you’re already dead.

Deadlock: Barrier Down Voice Lines

  • No heroics, follow protocol.
  • Stay strong.
  • (Sigh) Focus.
  • Their will is broken.
  • Watch every angle.
  • I will not be beaten.
  • No mercy this time.
  • We must adapt.
  • Do they think we yield? Å nei da.
  • Bring your best.
  • Push through any doubt.
  • Kom igjen, cut them down.
  • Look for an opening.
  • They’ll learn, eventually.
  • I will not die today.
  • Ut på tur aldri sure.
  • It begins.
  • With me.
  • Funnel them to me.

Deadlock: Round Start Voice Lines

During the start of each round, Deadlock’s voice lines provide insight into her mindset, reminding her team to stay focused, adapt, and give their best. She embraces the challenges ahead, motivating her comrades to perform at their peak.

Round Start

  • Combat is a means to an end and WE are the means.
  • Make them regret their choice of profession.
  • There’s no need for the enemy to suffer. Kill them fast.
  • You’re all more important than words on the brief. Look out for each other.
  • Vær forsiktig. (Be careful) The battlefield changes with every play.
  • They think themselves are equals? They are mistaken.
  • Their death demands our attention.

Round Start: Won Last Round

  • A momentary win, let us make it permanent.
  • Add a tally to the board.
  • Remember what worked and test them again.

Round Start: Coming Back To Score

  • Now they have a reason to be afraid.
  • They have not won yet.
  • And so the battlefield changes.

Round Start: Doing Good

  • I’ve taken walks more dangerous than this.
  • Okay, we’re doing well, but keep focused. Adrenaline is a dangerous thing.
  • Da var vi igjen midt i smørøyet. (Again, we were in the right place at the right time) Good stuff.
  • I was told this was a challenging mission.

Round Start: Last Round (Attacker)

  • Spend wisely or spend foolishly, just spend.

Round Start: Last Round (Defender)

  • Buy the best gear before it’s too late.

Round Start: Match Point

  • Dritbra (Shit), that was good! Now we end this.
  • Careful now, their desperation will be dangerous.

Deadlock: Round-End Voice Lines

Deadlock’s round-end voice lines demonstrate her resilience and determination, even in the face of adversity. Whether it’s acknowledging a clutch play or celebrating a flawless round, her lines exude confidence and a sense of achievement.

Clutch Play

  • I have seen death and I am not impressed.
  • I do not break.
  • I know how to fend for myself.
  • That was quite fun!

Flawless Round

  • Jada! (Yes) A-and you’re all safe! Very good!
  • Five in, five out.
  • Perfectly done.

Thrifty Round

  • (Laughs) Jeg prøvde ikke engang. (I didn’t even try) (laughs) Imagine if we had good weapons!

Deadlock: Abilities Voice Lines

Deadlock’s voice lines associated with her abilities give players a glimpse into her tactical mindset. From deploying the GravNet to announcing the activation of her ultimate ability, Annihilation, Deadlock’s lines reflect her focused and assertive approach to combat.

GravNet Cast

  • No escape.
  • Throwing net.

GravNet Kill

  • And stay down.
  • Quarry Killed.
  • Gotchu.

GravNet / Sonic Sensor Combo

  • I hear you, I catch you.

Sonic Sensor Cast

  • Sound Sensor Up.
  • Listening.

Sonic Sensor Destroyed

  • Sensor Destroyed.
  • Sensor Down.

Sonic Sensor Tripped

  • No surprises.
  • Sensor tripped.

Barrier Mesh Cast

  • Barrier deployed.
  • Blocking movement.

Barrier Mesh Cast Fail

  • Deployment failed.

Annihilation Cast


Annihilation Destroyed

  • Target escaped.

Annihilation Hooked

  • I have them now.
  • Reeling them in.

Annihilation Kill

  • Your story ends here.
  • Struggle no longer.
  • You are unmade.
  • They couldn’t save you.

Annihilation Miss

  • Nothing there.

Ability – Not Ready / Cannot Use

  • Can’t use that.
  • No charges.
  • My ult is not ready.
  • My ult is almost ready.
  • Ultimate ready.

Deadlock: Spike Voice Lines

As the carrier of the Spike, Deadlock has specific voice lines related to its status. From reminding her team to pick up the Spike to acknowledging successful plant or defuse attempts, her lines emphasize the strategic importance of this objective.

Spike: Spawn

  • Spike. We forgot the spike.
  • Of all the stuff we need, the spike is pretty high on the list, er den ikke? (isn’t it)

Spike: Down

  • Spike carrier down.

Spike: Defused / Defusing

  • Spike defused. Returning to post.
  • (Sigh) Det var nære på! (That was close) All is well.
  • Back to the important part.
  • Now I can focus.

Spike: Out Of Time

  • Iselin, dette får du til. (You got this)
  • Not today, come on!

Spike: Pings

  • Defuse the spike.
  • Plant the spike.
  • Spike dropped.
  • Spike planted.
  • I have the spike.
  • Spike spotted.
  • Spike spotted A.
  • Spike spotted B.
  • Spike spotted C.
  • Spike spotted Attacker spawn.
  • Spike spotted Defender spawn.
  • Spike spotted Mid.

Deadlock: Pain Voice Lines

When low on health or after being resurrected, Deadlock’s pain voice lines reveal her determination to survive and overcome challenges. Her lines reflect her refusal to accept defeat and maintain her fighting spirit.

Round End: Low HP

  • I am keeping my grave empty, tusen takk. (Thank you very much)
  • I told you I would not die today.


  • Hva i helvete? (What the hell) Where was I?

Deadlock: Death Match Voice Lines

Deadlock’s voice lines during Death Match mode exhibit her competitive nature, tactical insights, and teamwork-oriented mindset. From coordinating with teammates to providing situational awareness, her lines contribute to a cohesive team dynamic.

  • Final quarry.
  • One more.
  • There’s room for improvement, why not start now?
  • Again, while my blood is still pumping.

Deadlock: Emotes Voice Lines

Deadlock’s emote voice lines offer additional expressions and communication options. Whether it’s requesting assistance, notifying targets, or coordinating strategies, her lines enable effective communication with teammates.

  • Quiet down.
  • Spending credits.
  • Sweep this area.
  • Nicely done.
  • Multiple targets spotted.
  • Multiple targets A.
  • Multiple targets B.
  • Multiple targets C.
  • Multiple targets Attacker spawn.
  • Multiple targets Defender spawn.
  • Multiple targets Mid.
  • Target nearby.
  • Target spotted.
  • Target spotted A.
  • Target spotted B.
  • Target spotted C.
  • Target spotted Attacker spawn.
  • Target spotted Defender spawn.
  • Target spotted Mid.
  • Fallback.
  • Rally here.
  • Going A.
  • Going B.
  • Going C.
  • Going Mid.
  • Hi.
  • I need help.
  • Hold.
  • Who needs equipment?
  • Let’s rotate.
  • I could use a drop.
  • I need healing.
  • Negative.
  • En route.
  • Caution here.
  • Over there.
  • Gun here.
  • Spike here.
  • On my mark.
  • Watching here.
  • Play for picks.
  • Push them.
  • Regroup.
  • Reloading.
  • Rotating.
  • Rush them.
  • Saving Credits.
  • Sorry.
  • Taking point.
  • Thank you.
  • Affirmative.

Deadlock’s voice lines and agent interactions in Valorant add depth and personality to her character, shedding light on her origins, mindset, relationships, and tactical approach. 

From her Norwegian heritage to her battle-hardened nature, Deadlock’s voice lines provide players with a glimpse into her distinct personality and role in the game. 

As players engage in intense battles and strategic gameplay, these voice lines offer a deeper understanding of Deadlock’s character and enhance the overall immersive experience of Valorant.

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