Top 10 Villains That Saitama Defeated In One Punch Man Manga

3 months ago By Aaron Whittakar

One Punch Man manga is one of the most entertaining series out there. As much as the protagonist Saitama is strong, the series also has some seriously strong villains. And this is one of the main reasons why this series is loved by so many fans. Afterall, what’s a hero without a powerful villain. 

In the series, the villains often get an opportunity to flaunt their power even before Saitama shows up. Here are Top 10 Villains That Saitama Defeated In One Punch Man Manga online. 

Top 10 Villains That Saitama Defeated

  1. Garou

Garou launched planet-destroying attacks against Saitama in One-Punch Man’s Cosmic Horror. The battle obliterated a huge part of Jupiter. When God abandoned Garou, Saitama launched an attack so massive that it sent them both back in time, and Garou was defeated.

  1. Orochi

Orochi is the King of the Monsters and the leader of the Monster Association, who possesses great speed and strength,and can also transform its body at will. Orochi was almost defeated by Saitama, but it fused with the real mastermind of the Monster Association, known as Psykos. Orochi-Psykos was defeated by Tatsumaki.

  1. Centisennin

Centisennin had 6,666 limbs and was so tall that its head was outside the atmosphere. Centisennin emerged specially to fight Saitama, However, it was actually defeated by Garou by karate chopping its entire body in half. 

  1. Evil Ocean Water

Evil Ocean Water can emit beams of water at high pressure, and also create massive tidal waves. Saitama defeated Evil Ocean Water by landing a Serious Punch that led to the sea splitting dramatically. 

  1. Platinum Sperm

Platinum Sperm exchanged countless hits in mere milliseconds with Garou. However, he was defeated by Garou, whose abilities were rising when the battle happened and Platinum Sperm couldn’t defend. 

  1. Boros

Initially, Boros wore a suit of armor (power limiter), which he removed when battling Saitama. One of the first monsters to challenge Saitama, Boros sent Saitama to the moon. Here, Saitama revealed his Serious punch for the first time and defeated him.

  1. Fuhrer Ugly

Fuhrer Ugly destroyed #1-ranked A-Class hero, Sweet Mask, after which he gained a power upgrade by being partially digested by another monster. This gave him acid powers. However, he was defeated by Garou, who kicked a huge hole right through his chest.

  1. Goketsu

Goketsu was actually a martial artist once, and chose to become a monster for the sake of power. Saitama defeated Goketsu with a single blow on his head.

  1. Deep Sea King

Saitama defeated the Deep Sea King with ease. However, he depicted that it was easy for him only because the other heroes had managed to do damage. In this process Saitama put his reputation at stake to spare the others.

  1. Carnage Kabuto 

Carnage Kabuto recognises Saitama’s power before the battle. He thus reflexively retreated after Saitama first prepared an attack. However, Saitama easily defeated him when the hero realized that they would miss the Saturday grocery deals.

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