Strongest And Weakest Points Of Final Fantasy XVI

2 months ago By Aaron Whittakar

Final Fantasy 16 was recently released and the addition to the fan’s beloved series, has been receiving quite some applause. It revolves around Valisthea, which is grim, bloody and captivating. Being one of Final Fantasy‘s darkest stories ever, this new addition is a treat to the existing fans and will attract new fans too.

The game has some strong points that make it stand out. However, on the flip side, it also has some weaknesses that hamper the overall gaming experience.

Final Fantasy XVI: Strongest Points

Better Focus

Final Fantasy XVI makes Clive the only controllable character. This makes it easier for the player as they do not have to worry about operating a bunch of characters during fast-paced battles. The player can give all focus to the one character, without constantly diverting attention. 

Great Combat

The combat in Final Fantasy XVI is fast-paced with exceptionally agile characters. This makes the combat flashy, delivering a satisfying and phenomenal combat experience for the players. 

Well-executed story

Final Fantasy XVI has an endearing story that is powerfully executed by its voice cast, giving it a dynamic life. The performances of the character add the cherry on the cake.

Final Fantasy XVI: Weaknesses

Difficult to survive

Since Clive is the only character you play, it makes it a lot more difficult to survive than the team-based format. In previous Final Fantasy games, a single character’s death was not much of a problem. There were many characters and jobs who kept their squad alive. Since Clive is all alone the penalty for failure is death. 

Stretched Plots

Quite a few plots in the game such as quests and fights seemed way too stretched, which was not really required. The repetitive enemy encounters make a few quests too long, while a few of the boss fights looked too stretched in the game.

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