Top 5 SMGs(Submachine Guns) in BGMI July 2023

2 months ago By Randell Jhonson

Since its return to India, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) has captivated the gaming world, and gamers are continuously looking for ways to enhance their gameplay and boost their chances of winning. 

Choosing the right weapons ahead of the game is an important part of mastering BGMI, and among the different categories offered, SMGs (Submachine Guns) are a great option for close- to medium-range fighting. In fierce firefights and close-quarters combat situations, SMGs can give players a sizable edge thanks to their high rate of fire, small size, and adaptability.

It’s important to be updated about the top-performing SMGs in BGMI as we enter the month of July 2023. Know the top five SMGs that are currently popular in the game, with important details on their features, their performance data, and the reasons they are regarded as the best of the best. 

This article will assist you in selecting the best SMG for your playstyle, regardless of whether you are an experienced BGMI player or are just getting started.

PP-19 Bizon:

The PP-19 Bizon stands out with its unique 53-round helical magazine, allowing for sustained fire without frequent reloads. The Bizon performs dreadfully in close- to medium-range confrontations with 9mm ammunition and minimal recoil. Attachments like scopes and muzzle enhancements further elevate its performance, making it a formidable choice. It has a reasonable range of 33 yards and a quick rate of fire of 76.


Renowned for its reliability and versatility, the UMP45 utilizes .45 ACP ammunition and performs well across different ranges. With a rate of fire of 65 and a stability rating of 57, it offers a balanced performance. The UMP45 can be customized with various attachments, enhancing its adaptability and making it a popular choice among BGMI players.


The Uzi is favoured for its exceptional handling and rapid rate of fire. Its compact size and agility make it ideal for aggressive playstyles and close-quarters combat. With a rate of fire of 71 and stability rating of 67, the Uzi excels in fast-paced battles. Attachments like extended magazines and muzzles further enhance its firepower.

Tommy Gun:

Chambered in .45 ACP rounds, the Tommy Gun is known for its impressive damage output. With attachments such as a muzzle, magazine, foregrip, and scope, its performance can be optimized. While it may not have the highest stability rating among SMGs, its reliable hip-fire accuracy compensates for it. The Tommy Gun’s power and lethal spray of bullets make it a force to be reckoned with.


The Vector is a dominant SMG in BGMI, featuring exceptional power and a blazing rate of fire. Firing 9mm ammunition, it boasts remarkable stability, making it highly reliable in combat. Equipping attachments like extended magazines and suppressors further enhance its versatility and lethality. With a stability rating of 68, a rate of fire of 56, and a power of 31, the Vector excels in close-quarters combat, swiftly eliminating foes with precision and speed.

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