World Of Warcraft Halloween Event Rewards, Perks, Offers And Discounts

7 months ago By AI Smith

World of Warcraft (WOW) is gearing up for the Halloween celebrations this October with their upcoming revamped Hallow’s End event. The spooky season is a prime time for video games to unleash some of their best rewards for players to enjoy. The Hallow’s End event is how World of Warcraft loves to celebrate this time of spookiness. With Hallow’s End coming to World of Warcraft once again, gamers are ready to get their hands on just about anything that comes with it. So, prepared to discover and unlock limited edition items and lots of new rewards that will be hitting World of Warcraft.

Hallow’s End is perhaps one of the biggest events of the year for World of Warcraft lovers. Every year, October brings with it a scary thrill for the residents of Azeroth and this year is no different. During this iconic event, players will be able to go Trick-o-Treating and collect buckets worth of rewards from inns and taverns all over the game. The event is also a great incentive for players to log back into World of Warcraft. Millions of gamers are eagerly waiting for the event which is a part of Blizzard’s Holiday Refresh initiative. This means that new updates with Halloween related content can be expected to hit the game very soon. Here’s what players can look forward to this October.

When will Hallow’s End 2023 begin in WoW?

The Hallow’s End event is slated to begin in the middle of October. The date, as per the WoW in-game calendar, for the commencement of the Halloween event is 18th October 2023. The festive period will last for two weeks and will wrap up on 1st November 2023. Players better be ready because this two-week time frame is going to be an insane period with plenty of rewards to gain. Players will get a chance to complete all the Hallow’s End tasks and collect all the unique masks from candy buckets all across Azeroth. They will also be given a chance to farm the Headless Horseman encounter for a go at his coveted mount.

What is the Headless Horseman in WoW?

Every year during the Hallow’s End, players can gain access to the Headless Horseman dungeon which is a special limited-time dungeon encounter. The reason that the Headless Horseman is such a huge part of Halloween celebrations in Azeroth is because the limited availability of it makes it one of the rarest and most sought-after loot in World of Warcraft. Adding the Headless Horseman’s mount to their collection has been the dream of millions of WoW players but only a few have achieved it. High-level players in the game will be given a chance to grab the rare Horseman’s Reins mount but if they fail, they will have to wait for the next Hallow’s End to try again.

Not only is the Headless Horseman just an annual October event, this year it also has a whole backstory to it. This backstory and the origin of the Headless Horseman questline will be explored in Hallow’s End. This means players will get a proper introduction to the Headless Horseman lore, the reasons for his existence, why he attacks certain areas in the game, and why he has his own dungeon.

How can players Trick-o-Treat in WoW?

We’ve mentioned that players can go Trick-or-Treating in WoW while the Hallow’s End event is live. This means that once every hour, players are able to talk to an Azeroth Innkeeper and can be either tricked or treated. The treats will come in Treat Bags which can contain the following items when opened:

  • Varied Hallow’s End candy like candy corn, candy bars, and lollipops which do an excellent job of restoring health and player’s mana during raids.
  • Flimsy Masks for each gender of each race that is playable.
  • Halloween Wands that can put costumes on other players. 

While the treats are good, players also need to keep an eye-out for tricks. If an Innkeeper tricks a player, then that player could be turned into a frog, mini-Diablo, ghost, kitten for a few minutes and no, you won’t be able to click out of it. Also keep an eye out for Candy Buckets in many of the Azeroth inns and the Outland. Loot these buckets and you will get a Handful of Candy which have the same prizes as above.

New Achievements in Hallow’s End

  • A Cleansing Fire

There are a few new achievements in the Hallow’s End event an d the first one is called ‘A Cleansing Fire.’ To gain this achievement, players will need to kill the Headless Horseman. The new update will give the Horseman some new abilities like the Pumpkin Breath which is similar to an AOE attack.

  • Kicking with the Wick

With the Headless Horseman quest, players can choose a normal or hard mode. Kicking with the Wick is an achievement that can be unlocked by killing the Horseman on hard mode.

Hallow’s End 2023 Loots and Rewards

  • Horseman Mount

The revamp will still have the Horseman Mount drop which could possibly have a higher drop chance.

  • Holiday Dragon Customization

Players will be able to now customize their Winborne Velocity Drake with a new Halloween themed armour.

  • New Transmong

This is a new pumpkin-themed offhand that will be sold by Dorothy and cost players 150 tricky treats. However, it will only be able to Transmog during the Hallow’s End period.

  • Dragon Isles Candy Buckets

Players can now head to Dragon Isles to look for more candy buckets. There are 35 candy buckets that will be available to collect in Dragon Isles.

With so many new things coming to Hallow’s End on World of Warcraft, players are sure to have an enjoyable time this October.

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