Chainsaw Man Online: Character Origins – Yoru

2 months ago By AI Smith

Character Introduction

Yoru is a central antagonist in the Academy Saga. She is known as the War Devil, representing the fear of war and conflict. Yoru is a member of the Four Horsemen and currently inhabits the body of Asa Mitaka, acting as a Fiend.

Near-death State

After the battle with the Four Horsemen and Weapon Devils, Yoru was left in a near-death state, as Pochita had consumed a significant portion of her body. In this state, she takes on a bird-like form, resembling a dark-colored owl or potoo. While her bird form resembles Pochita’s dog form, her true form remains unknown.


Upon occupying Asa’s body, Yoru adopts her appearance but with added facial scars across the center of her face and left cheek, corresponding to Mitaka’s injuries inflicted by the Class President. Yoru’s eyes bear multiple rings, similar to Makima, another Horseman. She usually keeps her hair loose instead of in twin tails like Asa. Yoru consistently wears Asa’s clothes, typically seen in a school uniform.

Past Origin

Yoru previously fought alongside the Four Horsemen and the Weapon Devils against Pochita in Hell. During these battles, Chainsaw Man consumed parts of Yoru’s body, weakening her. It is possible that this battle was the same one in which World War II and nuclear weapons were consumed. Consequently, there hasn’t been a major war since then, further diminishing her strength. Yoru reached a point where she was on the verge of being forgotten, which would result in her permanent death. To save herself and seek revenge on Chainsaw Man, she traveled to Earth in search of a new body to possess.


Yoru initially displays high confidence and pride, viewing her opponents as mere warm-ups and vowing to reclaim nuclear weapons from Chainsaw Man. However, this overconfidence stems from her previous defeat at full strength and her current weakened state. Despite this, she recognizes her limitations and retreats from a fight if the odds are against her. Yoru holds little sentimentality toward humans and disregards Asa’s feelings, even suggesting killing Yuko to use her as a weapon. She exhibits a cold and logical demeanor, which contrasts with Asa’s emotional personality. Being unaffected by the Falling Devil, she easily recovers from traumatic events such as nearly being killed by Pochita and losing her power. As the War Devil, conflicts tend to arise around her, often causing harm to herself.

Unlike Makima, her fellow Horseman who remains calm and composed, Yoru is more flawed, immature, and naive. She frequently loses her temper and becomes embarrassed and angry when unintentionally saved by her archenemy, Chainsaw Man. She occasionally throws tantrums by punching and screaming into pillows. Yoru is insecure and easily offended when her strength or intellect is questioned. She also fears losing her power and being forgotten, displaying a more sensitive side. Despite her lack of understanding of human society and relationships, she is cunning in dangerous situations but panics in extreme circumstances.


As a Fiend, Yoru cannot make contracts. However, she retains other standard Devil abilities, such as revival in Hell after death, healing by consuming blood, fear empowerment, and enhanced physical prowess.

Unique Abilities

Yoru has taken control of Asa Mitaka’s body, occupying half of her brain. Mitaka’s consciousness remains intact, but Yoru can assume control whenever she desires unless Asa experiences fear. This arrangement allows Yoru to experience human emotions, which is uncommon for Devils. The one not in control appears as a hallucination to the other and can communicate with them. Yoru can also read Mitaka’s thoughts and access her memories, while the latter cannot reciprocate.

Supernatural Abilities

Yoru claims that her Devil power weakened after Chainsaw Man devoured parts of her body. Additionally, the absence of wars in the human world for a long time has further diminished her strength. Combined with her transformation into a Fiend, her power is significantly reduced, making her the weakest among the Four Horsemen.

Physical Prowess

Enhanced Speed: Yoru possesses exceptional speed, effortlessly evading attacks from the contracted Class President and Yuko’s Devil form.

Enhanced Strength: Yoru demonstrates great strength, capable of decapitating Tanaka and tearing out his spinal cord. She can also effortlessly lift objects larger than herself with one arm.

Enhanced Durability: Yoru can withstand attacks that would be fatal to an ordinary person. Despite being flung across a classroom by Yuko, she quickly recovered without sustaining any injuries.

Weapon Creation

Yoru possesses the ability to turn anything that belongs to her into a weapon, including objects and living beings. To activate this transformation, she must touch the item and call out its weapon name. The weapon’s strength corresponds to the guilt felt by Yoru and/or Asa while creating it. The perception and logic of Asa and Yoru determine what belongs to them. For instance, despite being an insufficient amount, Asa buying an aquarium for one million yen qualifies it as her possession.

So far, Yoru has created melee weapons like swords and spears, as well as explosives like hand grenades. It remains unclear whether she can create more advanced weapons such as modern firearms.

Flesh Weapon Creation: Yoru can instantaneously transform anyone under her ownership, including humans, Devils, and Fiends, into deadly weapons by touching them. This process does not immediately kill the person, as they can still express agony. She can create flesh weapons by taking a limb from the victim, turning their remains into weapons after killing them or establishing a relationship in which they belong to her. Yoru can also form weapons using her body parts, which violently detach themselves from her. The flesh weapons created by the War Devil include the Tanaka Spinal Cord Sword and the Flesh Hand Grenade.

Object Weapon Creation: Yoru has demonstrated the ability to convert objects belonging to her into weapons. These objects can be either acquired or taken. Examples of object weapons created by Yoru include the Pencil Spear and the Ruler Sword.

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