Top 5 Most Expensive Gears And Gadgets In GTA

2 months ago By Aaron Whittakar

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) is indeed an interesting game, and what makes it even more exciting are the gears and gadgets in the game. There are several gears in the game, but these are the most expensive GTA gadgets and gear.

Top 5 Most Expensive Gear in GTA

RC Bandito

RC Bandito gear was initially planned to be a part of GTA V, however it was removed during the development. There are several leftover files that still indicate its existence, such as a police scanner which has its name. It is also seen on a handling model flag, RC, that causes any pedestrian model to become invisible after the pedestrian enters the vehicle carrying the flag The RC bandito vehicle also uses a custom third-person camera called FOLLOW_RC_CAMERA. It costs around $1,590,000.


The Up-n-Atomizer in GTA is a small handheld futuristic blaster. It sports a blue finish accompanied by a yellow coil as the barrel. When the player shots a fire from the weapon, it appears like a glowing coil and then explods in a small blue blast. This GTA gear costs $399,000.

Scuba Diving Gear

The Scuba Gear in GTA includes a jacket with weight compensators and a tank mounted on the rear. The air tank in the gear has two main hoses: the main hose, connected to the mask and a secondary hose, which is connected to an interactive inflator valve. It costs around $155,500-$163,000.

Explosive Rounds

Explosive rounds for snipers are available as at the Ammunition store. As the name suggests these explosive rounds explode on impact. To use this explosive rounds in a sniper, players have to purchase the magazine for $115,450 

Night Vision

The Night Vision mode makes a significant difference while navigating through dark hallways and rooms in-game. The Night Vision goggles can be found in the Ammu-Nation. The gear costs a whopping $17,500. To get this gear, open the Interaction Menu, and select ‘Style.’ Then choose ;Accessories’  and ‘Gear.’ Toggle through the Night Vision options and then ‘Activate’ 

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