GTA 5 Halloween Update 2023 Expected Release Date And Time In India

1 months ago By Aaron Whittakar

Halloween has come to Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 5 and fans are already ready to welcome all the exciting rewards and benefits that come with it. The Halloween celebrations on GTA 5 is a time where players can win limited-time rewards along with special spooky themed game items and more. Rockstar Games have made sure that this spooky season has its perks for GTA 5 players and that everyone has a chance to benefit from it. There will be a lot of bonuses and even a free-log in reward, so let’s see what is in store!

GTA 5 First Halloween Update 2023

On 5th October 2023, Rockstar Games took to their social media accounts to announce the new Halloween update for GTA 5. Titled Halloween Horrors, the update was released last Thursday. The new update brought with it some cool Halloween themed game modes and even extra bonuses that will help kickstart the spookiness this week. Given that October is the perfect time for games to bring in more players to the platform, it makes sense that the developers for GTA 5 will be going all out when it comes to rewards and bonuses.

While India doesn’t really celebrate the season of Halloween, it is still able to enjoy all that comes with it. This means that GTA 5 players in India will also get the Halloween experience and will not miss out on the buckets full of rewards that are coming their way. So, with that being said, let’s take a look at all the Halloween themed games that will be coming to GTA 5 this month. It is also important to note that in every game, there is a particular number of extra payouts that players can earn.

  1. Halloween Bunker Series – 2X Cash and RP
  2. Condemned – 2X Cash and RP
  3. Slasher – 2X Cash and RP
  4. Lost vs Damned – 2X Cash and RP
  5. Judgement Day – 3X Cash and RP
  6. Alien Survivals – 2X Cash and RP
  7. Slashers – 2X Cash and RP

There is also a Scarlet Vintage Devil Mask up for grabs. Players who want to get one need to only log into the game anytime during the first week of October and they will get the new cosmetic for free! However, if you’ve missed this prized don’t worry because the scary season is not over and Rockstar Games are bound to release more Halloween bonuses in the next few weeks.

Next GTA 5 Halloween Update for India

The next slew of Halloween updates for the month has been slated to release on 12th October 2023, which is today. So, fans need to stay alert for all the interesting things that will be coming to GTA 5 this week. If you’re in India, then chances are the update has already dropped as the timing for it was 2:30 PM in the afternoon. However, this is just a tentative timing based on previous release times so if the update has not come by now, don’t worry Rockstar Games will be putting it out soon. The delay in timings could also be attributed to any last minute technical issues that Rockstar Games might be facing.

What to expect from the next GTA 5 Halloween Update?

Details for the next update have not been released yet, but that doesn’t mean that fans have not uncovered anything. Data miners got to work to find out what the next update has in store, and they discovered some content in the San Andreas Mercenaries update files that could possibly be linked to the next Halloween update.

It is speculated that the update will contain events like Ghost Hunt, Possessed Animals, and even UFO abductions. In addition to these new games, players can also expect more free rewards like the Scarlet Vintage Devil Mask. However, it is unsure if the new update will give access to these rewards as a log-in bonus or some other ways. Whatever the case may be, the new content is bound to keep the players involved and interested in the game.

The next update could also bring about the release the Albany Brigham, which is the last remaining car from the San Andreas drip feed. According to data miners, it is possible that players can get the livery for the vehicle after completing the Ghost Hunt event. While these exciting updates can be found in the game files, it is possible that last minute changes could be added in. Another thing that players can expect is for Rockstar Games to increase the in-game payouts in businesses or Adversary Modes. As this usually happens whenever an update goes live, players can expect the next update to have it as well. With so much in store for this month, GTA 5 fans are bound to enjoy this Halloween season.

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