Will Game Sharing Be Enabled For Modern Warfare 3?

2 days ago By Aaron Whittakar

November 10 is the scheduled release date for Modern Warfare 3 across all platforms. With the return of several cherished fan-favorite elements and movement dynamics, this eagerly awaited installment is sure to pique fans’ interest and get them playing. Activision will release Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, a first-person shooter video game created by Sledgehammer Games. It is the third game in the restored Modern Warfare subseries the twentieth in the Call of Duty series, and the direct successor to 2022’s Modern Warfare II.

Modern Warfare III maintains its predecessors’ realistic, modern atmosphere while continuing the tale of the sub-series. The plot revolves around the multi-national special operations team Task Force 141’s pursuit of Vladimir Makarov, a Russian ultranationalist and terrorist plotting to start a third World War. The multiplayer mode contains all 16 base levels from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2009) updated, with more maps scheduled for inclusion after the game’s release. Modern Warfare III is the first Modern Warfare title to contain a Zombies mode based around an open world with a player versus environment experience.

The campaign of Modern Warfare III takes place after the events of Modern Warfare II and its post-launch seasons and includes a variety of fictitious places from prior Modern Warfare games, such as Verdansk, Kastovia, and Urzikstan. Vladimir Makarov (Julian Kostov), commander of the Russian private military force Konni, who was hinted at the close of the Modern Warfare II campaign, is the game’s main enemy. Andrei Nolan (Nikolai Nikolaeff) and Ivan Alexxeve (Lev Gorn), Konni operatives working for Makarov; Milena Romanova (Tina Ivlev), Konni Group’s financier; and Yuri Volkov (Raphael Corkhill), a Russian colonel who knows Laswell and Nikolai.

Campaign For Modern Warfare 3

In November 2023, the Konni Group, a Russian private military started an attack on the Zordaya Prison Complex in Verdansk, Kastovia. There, they find and release their leader, Vladimir Makarov, who was sentenced to life in prison within the complex after being apprehended by SAS agents John “Soap” MacTavish and John Price during a terrorist assault at the Verdansk Stadium in April 2019. Konni attacked a port in Urzikstan, where Farah Karim, Alex Keller, and the Urzikstan Liberation Force were intending to seize several American-made missiles.

Price sends Task Force 141 to an abandoned nuclear power facility after learning of Makarov’s escape from CIA Station Chief Kate Laswell to prevent the gang from acquiring radioactive material left behind following the murder of General Roman Barkov. Price, on the other hand, discovers that the plant is holding leftover chemical components that Barkov had concealed within it, and that Makarov intends to convert them into a lethal chemical weapon. Konni flees with the substance, detonating some to disrupt 141’s plans, and nearly kills Price in the toxic gas that results.

Although the reaction to the released campaign is hot and cold, die-hard COD fans are awaiting the release of ModernWarfare 3 with bated breath.

So, Will Game Sharing Be Enabled For Modern Warfare 3?

Whether game sharing will be available in the game is a question the community has. The early access campaign and closed beta stages were not used by the developer to activate the functionality.

2023 is jam-packed with video game releases, and the debut of MW3 coincides with a busy release calendar, which may put a strain on gamers’ finances owing to the inflow of games. Fortunately, Xbox features a mechanism that allows gamers to share games with friends or family members without the need for additional purchases.

However, according to a Twitter (X) tweet from @ModernWarzone, the game-sharing option will most likely be accessible when the title is completely published.

Game sharing is a beneficial tool that allows numerous people to play games without having to make separate purchases. Modern Warfare 3 has a costly price tag for both the Standard and Vault Editions, making the sharing function even more important for new players who want to check it out before fully purchasing it.

Even though the game was not sharable across different accounts during the testing period, there is a potential that the developer may allow fans to use the game-sharing function on all supported platforms when Modern Warfare 3 is published on November 10, 2023. However, neither Activision nor Sledgehammer Games have provided formal confirmation.

The issue is with the unified Call of Duty HQ platform, which is meant to let players transition between Modern Warfare 2, Warzone, DMZ, Modern Warfare 3, and MW3 Zombies mode smoothly. Game sharing would be tough because the entire client utilizes the same account credentials, potentially locking off any other user attempting to access it from a different device.

Allowing friends and family to play a game you already own is a terrific way to test the waters before plunging in. It is also a convenient way to attract new players and progressively expand the player count in any online multiplayer game.

If the sharing function for MW3 is activated, the publishers may witness an increase in player engagement throughout the whole CoD HQ platform.

On MW3 early access, several people are reporting a ‘disc need’ issue. Since November 2, game sharing has been unavailable. There has also been no word on whether game sharing would be enabled for Modern Warfare 3’s complete release on November 10. The prevailing assumption appears to be that game sharing will not be accessible for the full release of the game.

While MW2 allowed for game sharing, the transition to the Call of Duty HQ, where players may choose between Modern Warfare II, III, and Warzone, appears to have eliminated any possibility of individuals sharing the game across users on the same device. Even individuals who purchased MW3 digitally for the early access campaign are unable to share their games.

This ‘disk need’ problem has occurred for users of both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S. However, because MW3 can be played across platform generations, there is a good chance that game sharing will be accessible once the game is completely released. Although the early access edition is limited to those who purchased it, community members found consolation in Diablo 4 receiving the same approach and eventually allowing game sharing once its official release.

All of these considerations might make it difficult for the developer to give the go-ahead to enable game sharing. Furthermore, when one account attempts to connect to the matchmaking server from many devices, the demand on the official servers may be significantly increased, potentially causing server-side difficulties and impairing the overall gameplay experience.

The ultimate verdict will be determined by the publisher, as Activision has complete control over the Call of Duty series. The inclusion of such a feature, however, may become an exploit owing to cross-progression. Players could grind and enhance XP points on the same account at the same time to unlock new gaming content faster than others.

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