Fortnite x Fall Guys Collaboration Rumors: All You Need To Know

8 months ago By AI Smith

The online video game Fortnite, created by Epic Games, was released in 2017. The game has three distinct game modes: free-to-play battle royale games called Fortnite Battle Royale, Fortnite Creative, and cooperative hybrid tower defense/survival game called Fortnite: Save the World. The game engine and general gameplay remain the same.

Four players collaborate to finish activities that lead to the shared goal in Fortnite: Save the World, a cooperative player-versus-environment game mode. The game’s story and scenario take place following a terrible storm that wipes off 98% of civilization, leaving the survivors open to attack by “husks.” Husks are merely creatures with a zombie-like appearance. The players take on the role of commanders of home base shelters, tasked with gathering supplies, rescuing survivors, and safeguarding machinery that either records storm data or dissipates the storm. After finishing missions, players can find Heroes, survivors, weapon blueprints, and trap blueprints among other in-game items. All of these items can have their qualities enhanced by leveling up through experience.

Up to 100 players are permitted to play the player-versus-player game Fortnite Battle Royale alone. These four players can play in pairs, or in squads. The squads generally include three or four players. The game also features a “Battle Bus” that can help players travel the game’s map. It safely drops unarmed players into the air.

Players wanting to assault and kill other players and survive must scavenge for guns, armor, supplies, and even vehicles as soon as they land. Over the course of one single round, the safe region of the battlefield will be seen to be diminished by a poisonous storm that is rapidly approaching the players. Players who cross this very line invite damage and carry the possibility of being eliminated if they don’t leave right away. The remaining players on the map are forced to hide in smaller spaces, thus encouraging player engagement. The last person, couple, or group that remains is the champion.

Players may build games such as race courses, platforming challenges, combat arenas, and more in the Fortnite Creative mode. This is a sandbox option that gives players the chance to build any item from the combat Royale game mode on their own island.

Epic Games has split the teams for Save the World and Battle Royale. The devs have primarily done this to better support both the modes after Fortnite Battle Royale became a huge commercial success. Players are having fun utilizing Fortnite emotes as a way to celebrate victories. The feature is so intriguing that even celebrities have accepted playing Fortnite Battle Royale. This has helped the game establish itself as a cultural phenomenon.

Ever Since 2022, there have been multiple rumors about a partnership between Fall Guys and Fortnite. Considering that Epic owns both of these video games, content crossovers make sense occasionally. similar things were done for Rocket League, when the Octane was moved into Fortnite Battle Royale in Chapter. That being said, there is some excellent news on the horizon for Fortnite and Fall Guys fans.

Numerous leakers and data miners claim that a Fall Guys minigame will soon be available in Fortnite. This starts the first of many partnerships between the two video games. Although not a lot is known about the crossover, here’s what we know so far:

Here is Everything You Need To Know About Fortnite x Fall Guys Collaboration

The Metaverse will host “Beans” thanks to Fortnite x Fall Guys.

Character design is a big factor in why some partnerships are nearly impossible. The characters in Fall Guys are known as “Beans” due to their little, bean-shaped humanoid appearance throughout gaming. They sprint and duck under obstructions, waving their arms about.

It is impossible to have Beans in Fortnite game, especially in the Battle Royale mode. This is major because Fortnite’s avatars are known to be more realistic and scaled up. This is perhaps the reason that Epic Games is sepecially developing a minigame for the purported partnership, in which these Beans are presumably going to appear.

Miniature bean-shaped characters in the new minigame won’t be an issue because the minigame may have its own set of rules and gameplay mechanics. In light of it, their codename at the moment is “BeanCharacter.” As shown in Fall Guys, players could be able to select from a variety of Styles and Outfits for their beans.

What Will The Minigame Consist Of?

Fall Guys is a minigame that aims to emulate things in Fortnite, which makes sense. Epic Games will be able to produce something that is strikingly comparable to what gamers have grown to know and love because of the strength of the Unreal Engine.

This will have things like intricate mazes (Deathrun), special “Beans” mobility mechanisms, and, of course, absurd character animations. It could also contain certain cosmetics that were added during the Among Us partnership and imported into the game for the Battle Royale and Save The World modes.

The Fortnite x Fall Guys partnership in 2022 included a ton of complimentary cosmetics items. Through this partnership, Fortnite gamers could get a number of goods, including a fresh skin, a pickaxe, and even a back bling.

Having said that, the partnership between Fall Guys and Fortnite will not last forever, even though it will ultimately materialize. It will function as an LTM for a while before being elevated, much like Impostors mode.

That being said, there is no assurance that it will occasionally cycle back into the game.

Fortnite x Among Us Crossover

In July 2022, we saw the introduction of the Among Us crossover in Fortnite following a slightly awkward falling out between Fortnite’s creator Epic Games and Innersloth’s Among Us.  Players were able to equip Crewmate Back Bling in colors from the original game along with a Distraction Dance Emote this time around; no new gameplay option has been revealed as of yet.

What Was Offered:

Crewmate Back Bling: Ten Styles based on Crewmate colors from Among Us are included with the Crewmate Back Bling. Colors: Black, White, Yellow, Brown, Orange, Pink, Blue, Green, and Purple. Put together your team and form a crew!

Distraction Dance Emotes: Dancing is a great method to get out of any problem in the game from The Henry Stickmin Collection!

This season, Epic Games has added a ton of free cosmetic items to Fortnite Battle Royale, and the additions are undoubtedly a pleasant surprise. The Fortnite x Fall Guys Collaboration will be another notch on their belt for being another epic gaming collaboration which will attract a brand new fresh set of players.

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