South Korea vs. China League of Legends Asian Games 2023 Semi-final Live Streaming

7 months ago By AI Smith

In the ever-evolving landscape of Esports, few events match the grandeur and prestige of the League of Legends tournament at the Asian Games. The Asian Games 2022 has brought forth a riveting showdown that has the Esports community buzzing with anticipation. It’s none other than the semi-final faceoff between South Korea and China in the League of Legends tournament, a spectacle that promises to be a clash of titans like no other.

The Importance of South Korea vs. China LoL Semi-Final Match

As the competition reaches its climax, the semi-finals have arrived, and there’s no room for error. The stakes could not be higher; only the victor in this epic showdown will earn the coveted right to advance to the next stage. Both South Korea and China have traversed a challenging journey to reach this point, and now, it all comes down to one game – a game that carries not just the weight of their countries’ expectations but also the pride of their thriving Esports communities.

South Korea’s Dominance

Before delving into the details of the match, it’s essential to acknowledge the incredible journey of South Korea in this year’s Asian Games. The opening day of the League of Legends Asian Games 2023 featured Group A, with South Korea stealing the spotlight. The day saw six exhilarating games, all of which were dominated by the South Korean squad.

Their gameplay was nothing short of stellar, and they are widely regarded as the favorites to secure a podium finish at this event. Among the standout performances on Day 1, one name looms large – Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok. His performance on Yone was nothing short of breathtaking and has set the stage for what could be a historic run for South Korea.

Faker’s Brilliance

Lee Sang-hyeok, or “Faker” as he is affectionately known in the gaming world, was the driving force behind South Korea’s dominance on Day 1. With unmatched skill and precision, he and his teammates embarked on a winning streak that left their opponents in awe. Their campaign began with a resounding victory over Hong Kong and culminated in a one-sided triumph against Kazakhstan, a match that concluded in a mere 17 minutes. In a competitive Esports where games are often double that duration, this performance was nothing short of a masterclass.

Meet the Titans: Team Rosters

Before the battle unfolds, it’s crucial to acquaint ourselves with the players who will take center stage:

South Korea

  • Top: Zeus
  • Jungle: Kanavi
  • Mid: Faker
  • Mid: Chovy
  • ADC: Ruler
  • Support: Keria
  • Coach: kkOma


  • Top: Bin
  • Jungle: Jiejie
  • Jungle: Xun
  • Mid: knight
  • ADC: Elk
  • Support: Meiko
  • Coach: KenZhu

These elite players have honed their skills and tactics to perfection, making this clash of the Titans an event that will be etched into Esports history.

Where to Watch South Korea vs. China League of Legends: Livestream Details

For fans across the globe, the excitement begins on September 28 at 6 pm PT/September 29 at 6:30 am IST as the South Korea vs. China League of Legends showdown unfolds. While English streams might not be readily available, the dedicated can follow the action live on various platforms:

  • LoL Livestreaming in China: CCTV, Billibilli
  • LoL Livestreaming in Korea: AfreecaTV
  • LoL Livestreaming in India: SonyLiv
  • LoL Livestreaming in Vietnam: ThapcamTV

It’s worth noting that some websites may require a subscription or the use of a VPN to ensure uninterrupted access to the livestream.

As the countdown to this monumental clash continues, Esports enthusiasts around the world are gearing up for a spectacle that promises thrills, suspense, and moments that will be noted into the annals of Esports history. South Korea vs. China in League of Legends at the Asian Games 2023 is more than a match; it’s a testament to the growing influence and impact of Esports on the global stage. Get ready for a showdown like no other!

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