Dota 2 TI12 Lower Bracket Final Live Streaming LGD Gaming vs Gaimin Gladiators

5 months ago By AI Smith

The world’s top teams come together for the Dota 2 International, TI to battle for victory and a sizable prize fund. After an incredible show, TI12 is about to conclude with the Lower Bracket Final, a crucial match that will decide who advances to the championship. 

Check details on the showdown between LGD Gaming and Gaimin Gladiators, discussing their journeys, strengths, and predictions.

The Road to the Lower Bracket Final

Both LGD Gaming and Gaimin Gladiators have faced arduous paths to reach this critical juncture of TI12. LGD Gaming, a powerhouse from China, was sent to the Lower Bracket by the undefeated Team Spirit, who secured a spot in the Grand Final. On the other hand, Gaimin Gladiators had a challenging TI run, starting their playoff journey from the Lower Bracket.

What makes this Lower Bracket Final intriguing is the fact that other notable teams, such as Team Liquid, Shopify Rebellion, Tundra Esports, and Talon Esports, were vanquished in the lower bracket. Team Liquid, a tournament favorite, had its dreams crushed by Gaimin Gladiators. This makes it evident that both LGD and GG are forces to be reckoned with, and the Lower Bracket Final promises to be a spectacle worth watching.

LGD Gaming’s Dominance

LGD Gaming’s journey through TI12 has been a rollercoaster. During the group stage series, they were part of Group C, where they swept past Gladiators, nouns, and Beascoast. However, they faced a roadblock in, resulting in a draw. Their impressive run continued as they bested Keyd Stars in a decisive Best of 3 matchup, catapulting them into the Upper Bracket.

In the Upper Bracket, LGD continued their dominant form by dispatching 9Pandas and Azure Ray to the Lower Bracket. Their sights were set on the Upper Bracket Final, but Team Spirit put a halt to their momentum, sending the Chinese juggernauts to the Lower Bracket Final.

Gaimin Gladiators’ Resilience

Gaimin Gladiators, on the other hand, secured the second position in Group C during the group stage, trailing behind LGD Gaming. They suffered a defeat against LGD but managed to secure victories against Beastcoast and Drawing a series with nouns allowed them to avoid elimination during the group stage.

Their journey took a challenging turn when they were sent to the Lower Bracket by Talon Esports, who defeated them in a tense 2-1 series. However, GG’s Lower Bracket run was nothing short of spectacular. They eliminated nouns, EG, 9Pandas, Team Liquid, and Azure Ray from TI12, earning them a place in the Lower Bracket Final. Their resilience and performance in the lower bracket make them a formidable opponent.

LGD Gaming vs Gaimin Gladiators: Who Will Win? 

The upcoming clash between LGD Gaming and Gaimin Gladiators is eagerly anticipated by Dota 2 fans worldwide. LGD holds a slight advantage due to their prior victory against GG in the group stage. However, GG’s consistent form during their Lower Bracket journey and their propensity for fight-centric lineups make them a strong contender.

LGD’s success in the Lower Bracket Final may hinge on their ability to shut down GG’s star players, Quinn and Ace, during the early and mid-game phases. If they can do so, it might be their ticket to the Grand Final. Nevertheless, Gaimin Gladiators have showcased a knack for making comebacks during team fights, so LGD will need to exercise caution, especially in engagements.

GG’s diverse drafting style and their proficiency in team-fighting further enhance their chances of overcoming the Chinese powerhouse. This clash is set to be a battle of strategies, teamwork, and individual skill, promising an intense showdown for Dota 2 enthusiasts.

LGD Gaming vs Gaimin Gladiators: Head-to-Head Battles

In previous encounters, LGD Gaming has shown dominance by drawing with GG during the group stage round of the Riyadh Masters 2023. They also swept GG in the group stage of the Bali Major 2023. However, GG managed to eliminate the Chinese team in a Best of 3 series during DreamLeague Season 20, though they lost in the group stage matchup in the same tournament. These past encounters add a layer of intrigue to the forthcoming match, as both teams are capable of emerging victorious.

LGD Gaming vs Gaimin Gladiators: Roster

LGD Gaming Roster

ShiroTop Lane
NothingToSayMid Lane
y` (Captain)Support

Gaimin Gladiators Roster 

DyrachyoTop Lane
QuinnMid Lane
Seleri (Captain)Support

LGD Gaming vs Gaimin Gladiators: Livestream Details

The Dota 2 TI12 Lower Bracket Final between LGD Gaming and Gaimin Gladiators is scheduled to commence on the following dates for various time zones:

  • PT: October 29, 2023, at 10 am
  • ET: October 29, 2023, at 1 pm
  • GMT: October 29, 2023, at 5 pm

Dota 2 enthusiasts can tune into the live broadcast of this epic showdown on platforms such as dota2’s YouTube channel and dota2ti’s Twitch channel.

There is not much doubt that the Dota 2 TI12 Lower Bracket Final between LGD Gaming and Gaimin Gladiators will be an exciting battle of talent, cunning, and willpower. 

A titanic match is expected because both teams have proven to be incredibly resilient and skilled throughout the competition. The world’s Dota 2 enthusiasts will be excitedly observing as these two strong teams compete for the opportunity to play Team Spirit in the Grand Final.

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