Pikmin 4 first impression: storyline, what to discover, theme and more

2 months ago By Ronny Walker

After Pikmin 3 Deluxe and the recent arrival of Pikmin 1+2 on Nintendo Switch, today we come to offer you our first impressions of the most anticipated game this summer for users of the hybrid console. Pikmin 4 arrives this July 21 and we have already been able to play its first hours of the game to offer you all kinds of details about what you can expect from this promising adventure that is as colorful as it is shrouded in mystery. If you want to learn all about these cute creatures, you’d better get on board, because we’re taking off right now!

A great adventure with new friends (and enemies)

Unlike other games in the series, Pikmin 4 starts as a more personal adventure. This is because we don’t embody a pre-established character, but rather an avatar that we can customize to our liking. On this occasion, we will land on an unknown planet with two objectives: on the one hand, we will have to rescue several space travelers who are lost, and on the other, we will have to repair the damaged ship (a true classic) of our Rescue Brigade to be able to go home.

Fortunately, we will not be alone. As always, we will have friendly Pikmin within our reach to help us in our difficult mission. On this occasion, in addition to all the types that we have already seen in previous seasons, new ones have been added, such as the Ice Pikmin, which are of great help in combat thanks to their ability to freeze enemies.

How could it be otherwise, the game already presents a great variety of situations, which invite us to use our heads to the maximum to decide what kind of Pikmin is best to use in each situation. Being able to manage our peculiar army optimally will always be a key factor to return to our base safe and sound and surviving another day.

Much more to discover

In a similar way to what happens in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, in Pikmin 4 we can’t just stay with what happens on the surface. Throughout the planet, we will find valves that will allow us to access different underground levels in which to find new treasures, as well as fierce enemies and our lost companions. These new environments will be very unique, presenting a great contrast to the landscape on the surface and allowing for an even greater diversity of situations.

Other aspects of the game such as the fun Dandori battles (which we saw in action during the recent Nintendo Direct) or the numerous quality-of-life improvements introduced in this installment also make the whole experience very bearable. We hope to be able to tell you more in-depth about them for our analysis of the game, but we can anticipate that they promise a lot.

Ochin, our best dog friend

Although the fact of being represented by an avatar, the new types of Pikmin and the new world to explore are great claims of Pikmin 4, we could say that one of the novelties that we liked the most about this first contact is the incorporation of Ochin, the space dog. And it is that this character moves away from “being one more type of Pikmin” to become an inseparable companion in the adventure.

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Ochin is a very versatile character, serving both to perform all kinds of tasks and to engage in combat with enemies. In this way, while our Pikmin is in charge of carrying out actions such as collecting resources, Ochin can open the way to new areas or provide us with a higher level of mobility that will give way to a greater strategy. As if that were not enough, as we train it, we will be able to carry out actions such as mounting numerous Pikmin on its back so that they can charge at the enemy at the same time, dealing devastating blows. In addition, he will also help us to transport much faster to the base before night falls, saving our skins in the most complicated situations.

Of course, Ochin isn’t just a very powerful unit to watch out for. He is also adorable, and it is very easy to take a liking to him. Being much more expressive than Pikmin, he will sometimes get scared, or playful. Our bond with him will grow stronger throughout the adventure, and we expect him to play a lot during the final game.

Pikmin 4 will be the game of the summer

After our first hours of play, the truth is that the impressions we get from Pikmin 4 have been very positive. Nintendo has not stood idly by throughout this last decade, offering a game that feels fresh and full of new features compared to the previous season. And we can confirm all this without having tried many of its secrets yet, such as those night phases that we were able to see in the last Nintendo Direct and about which we hope to be able to tell you more in our analysis of the title.

After everything we have told you, we have no doubt. Pikmin 4 will be a refreshing adventure, very colourful and in which real-time strategy will play an essential role. Now, we can only wait to see what Nintendo has in store for us for the final game. For now, the expectations are through the roof, because more Pikmin will always be good! 

Pikmin 4 arrives on Nintendo Switch this coming July 21 in both physical and digital format through the Nintendo Switch eShop. If you are dying to play this new adventure, we remind you that a nice demo of the game will be available starting this coming June 29. If you play it, you’ll be able to carry over your progress to the full game, so don’t miss out! 

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