Serious Moves – One Punch Man Goes Hardcore Killer Mode

2 months ago By Aaron Whittakar

The protagonist of One Punch Man Manga, Saitama, is known for his extreme power and his ability to beat any of his opponents using just a single punch, thus gaining him the name ‘One Punch Man.’ There have been instances when Saitama has pushed his limits and unleashed his special serious moves, showcasing his true strength and determination.

The serious punch is his move that he reserves for enemies who survive his initial barrage of attacks. Saitama collects all his power and delivers a devastating punch that has the power to obliterate even the most formidable foes. Merely the force of the punch is accompanied by shockwaves and destruction, which often leaves his opponents in awe.

Saitama’s Serious Moves

Apart from the Serious Punch, Saitama’s has a collection of notable action moves is the ‘Serious Series,’ which he uses to fight his opponents. Using these serious moves, one punch man goes into hardcore killer mode to destroy the greatest woes.

Serious Side Hops

Saitama’s moves includes the ‘Serious Series: Serious Side Hops.’ Saitama uses these serious side hops against enemies who have incredible speed or agility. Here Saitama showcases his own agility and reflexes by delivering these lightning-fast side hops. These side hops enable Saitama to swiftly maneuver around his opponents and defend their attacks with accuracy.

Serious Table Flip

Saitama’s ‘Serious Series: Serious Table Flip’ also demonstrates his unparalleled strength and his impressive abilities. Whenever Saitama faces an enemy who has immense size or weight, he shows his raw power by easily flipping them over. Saitama’s Serious Table flip indicates his physical strength along with showcasing his unyielding resolve and unwavering determination to defeat any enemy.

Serious Head Squeeze

Saitama’s Serious Head Squeeze allows his to squeeze the head of the opponent and criush him to defeat. Saitama grabs his opponent’s head and squeezes it with immense force while delivering this move. With the head squeeze any opponent can be overpowered. 

Serious Side Steps

Serious Side Steps is more of a defense move rather than an attack move. Saitama uses his serious side steps to move around his opponents with great speed. Saitama’s Serious side steps allow him to easily avoid attacks.

Serious Headbutt

To deliver the serious headbutt, Saitama leans forward and launches a headbutt with incredible force. This can literally have devastating effects on the opponent.

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