Top 10 Moves of Saitama: The One Punch Man Manga That Make Him The Strongest

3 months ago By Aaron Whittakar

The One Punch Man Manga, Saitama, is known for his strength, speed, and his power to beat almost every opponent he faces. He does so with a single punch, thus gaining him the name “One Punch Man.” 

But apart from that, did you know Saitama has other powers too that make him one of the strongest manga heroes? Here are top 10 moves of Saitama: The One Punch Man Manga online that make him the strongest. 

Top 10 Moves of Saitama:

Normal Punch

The normal punch is Saitama’s basic attack. It is a simple and casual punch that can obliterate most enemies in a single blow.

Serious Punch

A slightly more attack of Saitama is the serious punch. A level higher than the normal punch, the serious punch is used by Saitama when the opponent needs more effort to be defeated.

Consecutive Normal Punches

As the name suggests, Consecutive Normal Punches is a series of blows delivered in succession. Saitama launches a rapid movement of punches, which strikes the opponent with incredible speed and power.

Serious Table Flip 

Saitama can do serious table flips by flipping a giant table instead of a weapon. It can be used to crush the enemies and defend incoming attacks.

Serious Side Hops

Saitama can do rapid side hops in order to dodge attacks. He also does this to close the distance between him and his opponent.

Serious Series

The Serious Series is a variety of moves used to attack by Saitama like Serious Sideways Jumps, Serious Headbutt, Serious Head Squeeze, Serious Side Steps and more. Serious Series indicates Saitama’s versatility in combat.

Serious Head Squeeze

Saitama can grab his opponent’s head and squeeze it with great force, thus subduing and defeating and overpowering the strongest enemy.

Serious Side Steps

Saitama uses his serious side steps to maneuver around his opponents using his incredible speed. By doing this he can easily avoid attacks.

Serious Headbutt

Saitama bends forward to launch a headbutt. The great force delivers devastating effects on the opponent.

Serious Consecutive Side Hops 

Just like consecutive normal punches, serious consecutive side hops are used by Saitama to confuse his enemies before launching a decisive blow.

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