Analysis Of Red Dead Redemption 2 On PS4 And Switch

11 months ago By AI Smith

If you are interested in video games, you are already well aware because the announcement that Red Dead Redemption appears on PS4 and Nintendo Switch has made a lot of noise… for good and, unfortunately, especially for bad. And we think that here there is, on the one hand, a problem of expectations on the part of some fans who have been dreaming of a full-fledged remaster or even a remake for years and who are disappointed with anything that isn’t and, on the other hand, also There is a price that seems absurd for a game from more than a decade ago: €50. Let’s see what is hidden behind these new versions in the analysis.

John Marston debuts on PS4

The first thing to make clear is that this is not a GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition case. The 2021 game was underperforming despite originally being an even older release than the original Red Dead Redemption, so it was really hard to justify its framerate drops and some aspects that became internet memes. like its rain Here we have something less ambitious than the GTA saga trilogy, but also something that is much more compact and performance efficient.

We start with the PlayStation 4 versions and, by extension, the PS5 version in backward compatibility. On the one hand, the already announced 4K resolution that it supports gives the game extraordinary sharpness. If you have an Xbox Series or an Xbox One X you already know the details, and it is that thanks to the backward compatibility that has been giving such good results, we were able to enjoy one of the best open worlds in history with this resolution a long time ago and with a frame rate per second more stable than the original.

If you tried that, you don’t have much to discover here because, in essence, it’s the same thing. It would not be an exaggeration to say that with this extra sharpness, the title competes face to face with most of the current games of the genre that, even though 13 years have passed, in most cases do not look as good as the adventure of john marston.

In the rate of images per second, we do not observe very remarkable things. The original was somewhat unstable in terms of its way of trying to reach the 30FPS that was standard at the time, and it suffered from some drops, here we are talking about a much more solid enjoyment in this sense. we are not 60, which is a major disappointment for those who expected more than just a port but are much more assertive. What you will notice is that if you have a PS5 you will enjoy shorter loading times than in the PlayStation 4 edition thanks to the SSD, sometimes even with discounts of more than half the time. You will also notice the late load of textures that the original already brought when we go very fast with the horse, something that has been present in all the versions (even in the backward compatible ones) and that is not too flashy but what you can give yourself count if you look at how the buildings are drawn on the horizon.

What has caught my attention is the presence on PlayStation consoles of a parameter to measure the antialiasing applied to the game. Antialiasing FXAA on the one hand and AMD FSR 2 on the other are the two options we have: The first slightly blurs the sawtooth so as not to require so many resources to smooth them, while the second tries to reproduce the image in the eyes of the player with something higher resolution than is being rendered. Both have their pros and cons, and it is best that you test yourself which one best suits your television and your way of viewing. We have ended up opting for the AMD FSR 2, but we insist that it is a very personal decision because you win it on the one hand, and you compromise it on the other.

On PS5 you will enjoy shorter loading times than on PlayStation 4 thanks to the SSD. Why is it important that the game is available on PS4? We have already commented a few lines before. Although Xbox users could already enjoy the backward compatibility of the program and played it on any later system, the truth is that the differences in the architecture of PS3 compared to other PlayStation platforms made it impossible. This is the first window of opportunity for owners of a PlayStation 4 and, by extension, also a PS5 (which is backwards compatible with the previous one) to try this masterpiece.

One of the best open worlds on Switch

The Switch version is interesting because, as is logical, it has some cuts to adapt to the rigours of the platform, although in this sense, for users of the Nintendo platform, the fact that they can finally enjoy this extraordinary video game above all will always prevail. from any other consideration. The hybrid’s output resolution is 1080p in desktop mode and 720p in laptop mode, so there was little going on in this arena. What there is is what there is. What we have seen is some irregularity in the rate of images per second, especially in desktop mode. Nothing too rude to look at, but it is noticeable if you look closely when there are many characters on the screen or greater graphic demand.

There is also no control in this version over the type of antialiasing that we do see in the Sony console. Even so, Red Dead Redemption on Switch is easily one of the most visually spectacular games in the catalogue. If we’re talking about a realistic aesthetic cut, we can pair it at the top with the hybrid console version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. An exercise in both cases of brilliance to adapt these video games that, not because of veterans, stop having an amazing appearance and a truly amazing playable prism.

For the first time, RDR can be enjoyed on portable hardware

We must not forget, also, that as we said a few lines above, this is the debut of one of the best games in history on Nintendo consoles, but it is also the first time that it can be enjoyed legally on a platform. portable since PC users who own a Steam Deck must still wait for a native PC version. The unambitious aspect of launching a port at this point for these two platforms and, likewise, the fact that PC, Xbox Series and PS5 still do not have a dedicated version (in the last two it can only be enjoyed thanks to backward compatibility). It makes you think/dream that what is truly powerful for them will come later in the form of a remake or remaster.

Content for PlayStation and Switch users

The port that arrives this time is as similar as possible to the Red Dead Redemption Game of the Year Edition, both in terms of the content itself that it brings with it and in terms of features and improvements. To begin with, what is most striking is the inclusion of Undead Nightmare, the great expansion pack from those times when Rockstar Games made some great additions to their video games. Now zombies are a bit outdated in video games due to saturation, but at the time this DLC was released they were much fresher (hee hee) and, in addition, it was very striking to see a much more fun and casual reading of a study that he was beginning to take his stories from a more serious side, as the no less extraordinary Grand Theft Auto IV demonstrated a few years earlier.

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It is not the only thing that has been incorporated, and it is that some elements that give the player choice have also been brought to this version. The GOTY edition included the extreme mode that is also present here from the initial menu, one that eliminates the possibility of choosing whether we want auto-aim or manual aiming in normal mode (opting directly for the one that does not have aids), in addition to some bonuses of Difficulty such as halving the health bar, slowing down its regeneration, making all purchases more expensive and making horses have permanent death or making Dead Eye only charge when we eliminate someone and not automatically. You can check all the details from this link.

Finally, there are quite a few additions and small DLC that were coming out; so we have lost all the online functions of the game along the way, but yes, as for the offline part, this is the definitive version. We can also manually activate countless tricks, and from here you can discover all the secrets, tricks and tips to complete it 100% with our complete Red Dead Redemption guide.

We have lost all the online features along the way, but as for the offline part, this is the final version. At the moment, Red Dead Redemption on Switch and PS4 can only be purchased in digital format. Already at the time of the announcement it was revealed that it would initially be available digitally, but also that in just a few months it will also be available in physical format. A modus operandi that is not at all alien to a Rockstar that has already done the same with  Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition that first appeared in online stores and shortly after in box format.

This review, as is logical at this point, is very focused on the news and the differences of this port on the new platforms, but if you want to know what Red Dead Redemption seems to us, you have its analysis available to know in detail all its benefits playable and also the review of Undead Nightmare.

Red Dead Redemption on PS4 and Switch at first glance looks expensive and old, and it’s impossible to deny that it’s 13 years old. However, it is still a way for PlayStation users to get around its problematic backward compatibility and, on the other hand, to open up one of the best games in history for the first time to Nintendo… and to enjoy it on a laptop, of course. supposed. If you played it at the time, there is nothing to see and if you have an Xbox you can get it at a slightly cheaper price and with the same features. If you didn’t enjoy it back in the day, you should buy it right away: it’s one of the most complete and brilliant open worlds ever made.

5 things you should know:

Includes Red Dead Redemption and the awesome Undead Nightmare

It is the debut of the Rockstar game on Nintendo consoles

Other than 4K and antialiasing on PlayStation, there’s little to see

All the online part has been removed in one fell swoop

If you have an Xbox console you have it much cheaper and you will enjoy it the same

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