BGIS 2023 Semi Finals Day 4 Points Table, When And Where To Watch Live Streaming

7 months ago By AI Smith

There were six enthralling games played today on the final day of the BGIS 2023 Semi Finals. The top 16 teams from each semifinal advance to the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series 2023 Grand Finals, which will take place away from Mumbai. Take a look at the BGIS 2023 Semi Finals Day 4 Points Table.


The Semi Finals will include 32 teams in total, who will compete in a round-robin format between October 4 and October 7. The 32 teams were further segregated equally into 4 groups of 8 players each. At Mumbai, India’s Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Indoor Stadium from October 12–15, 2023, the top 16 teams will compete in the BGIS 2023 Grand Finals. With a capacity of 80,000, the stadium is one of the biggest indoor stadiums in India.

BGIS 2023 Semi Finals Groups

Group AGroup B
1. Team Soul
2. Gladiators Esports
3. Autobotz Esports
4. 4 Aggressive Man
5. Big Brother Esports
6. Medal Esports
7. Trouble Makerz
8. MICI Esports
1. Blind Esports

2. GlitchXReborn
3. Marcos Gaming
4. Brave Esports
5. Team Mayavi
6. Team X Spark
7. Lucknow Giants
8. NEST Esports
Group CGroup D
1. Team iNSANE
2. Night Owls
3. WSG Gaming
4. TitanFTW
5. Midwave Esports
6. Team Empire
7. CS Esports
8. Numen Gaming
1. Growing Strong
2. TWM Gaming
3. OR Esports
4. Gods Reign
5. Revenant Esports
6. Team Systummm
7. Enigma Gaming
8. Bloodrose Esports

BGIS 2023 Semi Finals Day 4 Schedule

Match 19Group B v/s Group DErangel01:30 PM
Match 20Group A v/s Group DMiramar02:15 PM
Match 21Group A v/s Group CSanhok03:00 PM
Match 22Group C v/s Group DVikendi03:45 PM
Match 23Group B v/s Group CMiramar04:30 PM
Match 24Group A v/s Group BErangel05:15 PM

Stream Details

BGIS 2023 Matches of Semi Finals Day 4 were be streamed on JioCinema and the official Krafton India Esports Youtube channel.

BGIS 2023 Semi Finals Day 4 Points Table

  • Medal Esports – 148 Points 
  • Revenant Esports – 137 Points 
  • GladiatorGs Esports – 135 Points 
  • GlitchXReborn – 132 Points 
  • CS Esports – 131 Points
  • MICI Esports – 128 Points 
  • Gods Reign – 116 Points
  • Midwave Esports – 116 Points 
  • Growing Strong – 112 Points 
  • Team X Spark – 110 Points 
  • OR Esports – 109 Points
  • TWM Gaming – 105 Points 
  • Blind Esports – 105 Points 
  • Big Brother Esports – 100 Points 
  • 4 Aggressive Man – 99 Points
  • NightOwls – 98 Points
  • Team Systummm – 94 Points 
  • Team iNSANE- 92 Points
  • Brave Esports – 87 Points 
  • Autobotz Esports – 86 Points
  • Titan ESPORTS – 67 Points
  • Lucknow Giants – 60 Points
  • Team SOUL – 60 Points
  • Team Mayavi – 58 Points
  • WSB Gaming – 58 Points
  • Team Empire – 53 Points
  • NEST Esports – 51 points
  • Enigma Gaming – 50 Points
  • Bloodrose Esports – 45 Points
  • Trouble Makerz – 43 Points
  • Marcos Gaming – 42 Points
  • Numen Gaming – 42 Points

The largest and official BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA SERIES (BGIS) will be live streamed by JioCinema, India’s largest OTT platform, in partnership with KRAFTON India, the creators of BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI). The BGIS 2023 Grand Finals will take place in Mumbai, India, from October 12–15 of that year at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Indoor Stadium. The stadium is one of the largest indoor stadiums in India, having a seating capacity of around 8,000 people.

BGIS 2023 Semi-Finals Day 4 Overall Standings

PosTeam NameWWCDMatches PlayedFinishesPosition PointsTotal Points
01Medal Esports2125197148
02Revenant Esports2127463137
03Gladiators Esports1127362135
04Glitchx Reborn1125379132
05CS Esports2126269131
06Mici Esports2125473127
07Gods Reign1124868116
08Midwave Esports1125363116
09Growing Strong1124171112
10Team X Spark0125555110
11OR Esports1124861109
12TWM Gaming1125649105
13Blind Esports1125649105
14Big Brother Esports1124852100
154Aggressive Man112405999
16Night Owls112554398
17Team Systummm112395594
18Team Insane112375592
19Brave Esports112434487
20Autobotz Esports112473986
22Lucknow Giants012283260
23Team Soul012372360
24Team Mayavi012312758
25WSB Gaming012332558
26Team Empire012292453
27Nest Esports012371451
28Enigma Gaming012163450
29Bloodrose Esports012271845
30Trouble Makerz012152843
31Marcos Gaming012192342
32Numen Gaming012261642

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