Why Does Chainsaw Man Creator Want Everyone To Read Mama Yuyu?

1 days ago By AI Smith

While Chainsaw Man anime fans eagerly await news of a potential second season, the manga continues its thrilling journey, introducing Asa Mikata as a new protagonist alongside the iconic Chainsaw Devil. As Asa harnesses the formidable power of the War Devil, fans are in for an electrifying showdown with Denji. But there’s more to the story – Chainsaw Man creator Tatsuki Fujimoto recently shared his enthusiasm for a rising star in the shonen manga world: Mama Yuyu.

Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Diverse Creations

Tatsuki Fujimoto, renowned for crafting Denji’s epic tale, has a portfolio of compelling series that extends beyond Chainsaw Man. Before Denji’s chainsaw-wielding escapades, Fujimoto unveiled the apocalyptic world of Fire Punch in 2016, an eight-volume saga that left a lasting impact. Even with Chainsaw Man’s immense success, Fujimoto has continued to create captivating stories that resonate deeply with readers. 

Works such as Goodbye, Eri and Look Back, though devoid of devils, evoke profound emotions and showcase Fujimoto’s narrative prowess. Notably, Studio MAPPA has expressed its intention to adapt all of Fujimoto’s creations, hinting at more remarkable manga-to-anime transitions in the future.

Unveiling Mama Yuyu

Mama Yuyu is a fresh addition to Weekly Shonen Jump, debuting with only a single chapter to its name. While not all manga featured in Shonen Jump secure anime adaptations, the odds significantly favor those within the publication’s pages.

If you’ve yet to explore Mama Yuyu’s captivating world, you can dive into the series by checking out the first chapter by Yoshihiko Hayashi. Here’s a brief overview of what Mama Yuyu entails: “An era of peace between the hero and demon lord is upon us! In this peaceful world, the hero Corleo is nothing but an empty suit. But one day, a hero and demon lord from another world appear before him! How will Corleo deal with the chaos these invaders bring to his world?! A new type of fantasy epic now begins!”

Final Thoughts

Tatsuki Fujimoto’s endorsement of Mama Yuyu serves as an exciting invitation to explore this burgeoning shonen manga sensation. As Chainsaw Man enthusiasts await the series’ anime return, Fujimoto’s diverse creations continue to captivate readers, promising more thrilling adventures in the world of manga. Whether you’re a devoted fan of Fujimoto’s previous works or a newcomer intrigued by his recommendation, Mama Yuyu’s fantastical realm awaits your discovery. 

Will you heed Fujimoto’s call and embark on this new epic journey? Share your thoughts in the comments or reach out to us directly @Esportsnews247 to discuss all things comics, anime, and the enthralling universe of Chainsaw Devils.

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