How to find Cow level in Diablo IV? Discovery & Unlocking of items

2 months ago By Ronny Walker

Another setback for Diablo IV fans who were trying to find the legendary secret level of D2 cows in the new Blizzard game. As many of you may already know, we’ve been keeping track of the community’s progress over the past few weeks. Certainly, the thing looked good, since they had found many different clues.

Although Rod Fergusson, game director, had confirmed that this level did not exist, the community continued to search. In fact, their latest discoverie were very promising, but they have suffered a new setback. Setback that, everything is said, has not finished with his intention to find the level. Far from stopping, in their Discord community they have already commented that they intend to continue with their journey.

Despite this, the news today is elsewhere. More specifically, in the setback that could have ended his hopes. This has the form and name of the update. Through Diablo IV 1-0-3 Patch, a line of code has been removed from the game that talked about a ritual that could be performed at Ked Bardu’s Oxen Fountain.

The story of Diablo IV’s cows will never end

This was the axis of many different theories since almost all the information obtained built a mission through which, supposedly, we could access a secret basement that would take us to this secret level. Therefore, that they have removed that line of code has been a real bump for the interests of search engines of the level.

As PC Gamer has collected, they are far from giving up. As one of the heads of the aforementioned Discord has commented, they recognize that this has been a setback, but that they are not going to stop. “We may not have gotten anywhere in almost a month,” the 55-year-old Canadian video game producer comments as he talks about the search process. “However, now we know more not only about how Diablo IV works but about its lore,” Fergusson explains. With this, now that they know more about the lore and the dynamics of D4, they hope to find the right path to solve the secret that, according to them, does exist.

Diablo IV Success

As reported by Blizzard in a press release last week, Blizzard Entertainment’s Diablo IV has surpassed the barrier of $666 million in the five days of launch. These incomes have also been thanks to microtransactions, which have been the subject of controversy since some cosmetics cost up to 25 euros in Diablo 4.

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The company has also shared other statistics that show the great reception of the game. In this way, 276 million hours have been exceeded and players have killed 276,000 million demons. However, users have also died 316 million times. The true heroes of the community have been the 163 people who have reached the maximum level in Hardcore Mode, that is, permanent death where you lose all your character, time and objects.

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