5 biggest characters in Free Fire

2 months ago By Aaron Whittakar

Free Fire players will know the variety of characters that the game has. Each character has its own strengths and abilities making battles in the game exciting and fun. These are the five best Free Fire characters that you can try out.

5 Best characters in Free Fire

DJ Alok

DJ Alok is Free Fire’s most loved and best characters. He is a great asset to the entire squad. His “Drop the Beat” ability is one of the most interesting ones which creates a 5M aura increasing the squad’s movement speed of your squad by 15% . However, it replenishes his health by 5 HP for every ten seconds at max level. DJ ALok can be unlocked with 499 diamonds/10000 FF tokens, and he is totally worth it.


One of Free Fire’s oldest characters, Kelly, has the “Dash” ability. This can increase her sprinting speed by 5% at her maximum level. Kelly also happens to the first “Awakened” character in the game. She can be awakened using the Awaken Shards. To unlock Kelly you need 499 diamonds/10000 FF tokens. She’s a good investment for players who wish to move places quickly avoiding trouble.


Rafael is one of the best GTA characters in Free Fire who is known for his stealth having the “Dead Silent” ability. This comes handy for stealth killings and ambushes. After Rafael’s power is activated, you can hide his location from the mini-map for 8 seconds. Firing sounds can be silenced when using snipers and marksman rifles knocking down enemies 90% faster. One of the deadliest Free Fire characters costs 499 diamonds/10000 FF tokens.


Jota has a unique “Sustained Raids” ability allowing him to recover HP while hitting and knocking out other players. Jota is one of the best Free Fire characters for aggressive players preferring SMGs or shotguns during battle. Jota costs 499 diamonds/10000 FF tokens.


Hayato debuted in Free Fire in 2019 becoming one of the most popular Free Fire characters. He is equipped with the “Bushido” ability enabling him to increase armor penetration by 5% leading to  10% decrease in health. The 1v1 combatant and a durable character costs 499 diamonds/10000 FF tokens.

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