GTA 6 Fans Send ‘Death Threats’ To Game Leakers

4 months ago By AI Smith

Following death threats for their forecasts and “insider” information, a Grand Theft Auto VI leaker has answered. Fans are left with little alternative but to rely on rumors and online leaks as Rockstar Games has remained silent regarding Grand Theft Auto VI’s development and release date.

But recently, things took a dark turn when one “insider” said they had been getting death threats because of the information they had been posting on Twitter.

In a since-deleted tweet, @MarxxChris posted: I have been profoundly disturbed by the receipt of extremely alarming death threats … I am absolutely appaled by the level of criticism and hostility I have faced in response to the leaks.” The user has since deactivated their Twitter account.

The comment was posted on the Grand Theft Auto VI subreddit by rolf344br, who captioned it: “Supposed GTA 6 “insider” having a mental breakdown on Twitter after being called out.”

The reactions were conflicting, and while many denounced the leaker for spreading fake information as reality, they also made it apparent that death threats are unacceptably extreme for something as straightforward as internet clout chasing.

“Imagine sending someone death threats just because of leaks that may or may not be true. Y’all need to touch some grass cause at the end of the day it’s just a f****** VIDEO GAME!”

“Crazy how easy it is to go on twitter, make up the most bs or obvious leaks everyday and then claim you’re a legit insider and then people believe you.”

“Internet mfs are f****** weirdos man”

Since it’s obvious that fans are getting frustrated and irritated by Rockstar’s prolonged silence on GTA VI, hopefully the company will end it soon. Fans are hopeful that a teaser will finally be revealed this month because October is often when Rockstar announces or releases information on a new project.

In addition to the Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and possibly the PC, Grand Theft Auto VI will be available when it is launched.

Fans recently claimed to have found new Grand Theft Auto VI hints hidden in the website code of Rockstar Games.

Grand Theft Auto enthusiasts anticipate a busy month in October. Since Grand Theft Auto VI is expected to be revealed soon, it is believed that Rockstar Games is preparing.

Some GTA V fans were sure that a reveal would occur during the game’s 10th anniversary, but when they learned there wouldn’t be an announcement and that they had all aged 10 years while waiting for the next game to release, they were devastated.

While the majority of people have been keeping an eye on Rockstar’s Twitter for questionable activity, some people have gone farther and checked the developer’s official website and its source code.

A fan named slaik22 provided several fascinating discoveries, including some strange names hidden deep within the website’s code. They said: “Over the course of a year, I periodically checked the site for updates in the code and today in the CSS-styles I noticed a picture with the unusual name GTA_CITY_STORIES. It didn’t exist before. What do you think this could mean?”

Theorizing among fans began almost immediately, with many speculating that it was yet another indication that Rockstar was getting ready for a major announcement. One commenter wrote, “Seeing updates on the web is always a good thing, they are definitely cooking some stuff,” and another asked, “Definitive editions of VC stories and LC stories?” Another proposal stated that Vice and Liberty City Stories would likely be ported to the PS4.

Sadly, the user later changed the message, writing: “As I discovered, this class is utilized for an array of items named “libertycitystories” and “vicecitystories,” and is reportedly required to remedy a specific fault. I apologize for upsetting.

It appears that GTA VI rumorologists will have to start over, though many would prefer that Rockstar just break their silence and give them something to base their theories on. This is especially true given that online rumours and “leaks” have sparked some contentious discussions and even resulted in one leaker receiving death threats, which led them to deactivate their social media accounts.

Grand Theft Auto VI will be available on Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 5, and maybe PC when it launches.

In February of last year, Rockstar Games made it known that it was actively developing GTA 6. “Active development for the next entry in the Grand Theft Auto series is well underway,” read one line at the bottom of a GTA 5 Community Update before making the announcement. Wow, talk about minimizing the situation. However, Rockstar hasn’t released much more material in an official capacity since that time.

However, an extraordinary GTA 6 leak on September 18 resulted in the online publication of over 90 videos and screenshots from the game’s early, alpha form. In addition to working to remove the exposed content from the internet, Rockstar has recognized and verified the hack. Naturally, this first peek at Grand Theft Auto 6 has disclosed some new information about the game, including information on the GTA 6 setting, characters, and gameplay.

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