BGIS 2023 Grand Finale: What Is The Lowest And The Highest Ticket Price For The Event?

1 months ago By Aaron Whittakar

Battleground Mobile India (BGMI) fans all over the country are waiting with bated breaths as the Battleground Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2023 Grand Finals are about to begin. The finale will be held from 12th to 15th October, where 16 teams will compete to grab the ultimate victory. The event is currently one of the most anticipated esports events in the country given that BGMI has a huge player base in India. The BGIS Grand Finale will be held live at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Stadium in Mumbai, India.

BGIS 2023 Grand Finale Tickets

Due to this, ticket sales for the live esports event were sold out within a few minutes! The tickets for the highly-anticipated BGIS 2023 Grand Finale went live at 6 P.M on 8th October 2023, at the BookMyShow website. This is just an indication of the great enthusiasm that the gaming community in India has.

There are four types of tickets that are available for purchase. These tickets are themed according to the ranks in BGMI. They are Quanquror Zone, Ace Zone, Crown Zone, and Diamond Zone. The venue has a seating capacity of 8,000 making it one of the largest indoor stadiums in India. This is great news for all BGMI fans who are eager to watch the game live.

When it comes to buying the tickets for BGIS 2023 Grand Finale, it is important to note that fans will need to book tickets for each day individually. The games will start at 11 AM and will continue till 6:30 PM each day. If you want to attend the event you can do so one of two ways:

  1. Register online through BookMyShow

BookMyShow is a ticket booking website for all kinds of live events. There is an official BookMyShow link for the BGIS 2023 Grand Finale. All you need to do is go to the link and select the date, time, and zone you want to book and register with your phone number and email ID. The seats will be given out on a first come first serve basis so attendees will need to arrive to the venue a little early for a seat to the event.

  • Free Ticket on the Venue

If you were unable to register, there are also free tickets that will be given on the venue site. So, you can get one by just arriving to the venue on time.

Top 16 Teams in the BGIS 2023 Grand Finale

BGIS 2023 is the first official BGMI tournament of 2023 and has a whopping prize pool of ₹2 Crore. The tournament is hosted by Krafton, developers of BGMI. There will be six matches each day. Since, there is an India vs Pakistan cricket match on the 14th, there will be no BGIS matches held on that day. This means that the events will take place on 12th, 13th, and 15th October. There was a four-day Semi-Final held from 4th to 7th October which narrowed the pool to 16 teams. These 16 teams will now battle on the Grand Finale stage. Once the top 8 teams are declared, they will then be selected to compete in the BGMI India vs South Korea international tournament.

Let’s take a look at who are the top 16 teams that have made it to the Grand Finale. These teams have fought tooth and nail for their place in the finals. They have proven that they are among the best BGMI teams in the country. We will be listing them according to the official ranks on the BGIS 2023 board.

  1. Medal Esports
  2. Revenant Esports
  3. Gladiators Esports
  4. Glitchx Reborn
  5. CS Esports
  6. Mici Esports
  7. Gods Reign
  8. Midwave Esports
  9. Growing Strong
  10. Team XSpark
  11. OR Esports
  12. TWM Gaming
  13. Blind Esports
  14. Big Brother Esports
  15. 4Aggressive Man
  16. Night Owls

Reasons Why BGIS 2023 Is A Big Deal

Not only is BGIS 2023 one of the most awaited esports tournaments of 2023 in India, it is also ground-breaking for other reasons as well.

  1. This is the first offline or live finale for BGIS. This is significant because it indicates the return of live esports events in the country.
  2. The event also offers a platform to the talented esports teams in the country. This will help them shine on the grand stage and give them an opportunity to even take their skills on the international level.
  3. Another reason why it’s a significant event, is because it reflects the growing acceptance of esports in India. This has been something that many esports’ enthusiasts have aimed for in past years with the exponential growth of esports in the country.

BGIS 2023 is just the beginning for a more mainstream acceptance of esports in India and is slowly opening the doors for other esports events to take place. So, if you’re an esports fan, make sure you don’t miss this mega event.

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