Final Fantasy XVI couldn’t overtake Final Fantasy XV sales in many regions

2 months ago By Ronny Walker

According to reports, Physical sales of Final Fantasy XVI have been 74% lower than those of Final Fantasy XV at its UK release, although better than those of Dead Island 2 and Diablo IV. 

Final Fantasy XVI is now available exclusively for PlayStation 5 and, although some fans have not been entirely happy with its drift into action, something that has resulted in several classic role-playing game systems being simplified, the criticism is, in general, more than favorable. However, in terms of its sales figures, the news is not so positive, and it is that from Gaming Bolt they have reported that sales in the physical format of the sixteenth final fantasy have been 74% lower than those of Final Fantasy XV in its first days of release in the United Kingdom.

Even so, it is not all bad news, and it is important to emphasize that the sales figures for the video game in digital format have not been revealed, in addition to the fact that Final Fantasy XV was launched at the time as a multiplatform title, while Final Fantasy XVI is PS5 exclusive. The aforementioned medium has highlighted that, despite the low sales figures in terms of the physical format, Final Fantasy XVI has had a better physical debut than other highly anticipated titles, such as Dead Island 2 and Diablo IV.

Final Fantasy XVI

Is Final Fantasy XVI worth it?

On our site, we have already played Final Fantasy XVI in-depth and precisely in our analysis we told you that the performance mode “suffers very annoying stuttering when exploring, resulting in a rate of images per second that suffers too much and has a hard time reaching its target 60 fps, especially when we’re not in combat. Also, the drop in graphic detail and resolution becomes very noticeable.” However, in general terms, we believe that this game ” returns the saga to the right path with a highly entertaining, fun and spectacular adventure in which the good ends up prevailing over its many shortcomings and imperfections.” Remember that you can now consult our complete guide with the best tips and tricks.


The stories and of course, how they are told, have become an essential and often focal part of modern high-production video games. We could say that in reality, the first genre that delved into much more complex narratives with three-dimensional characters was that of RPGs. Practically since this type of design was born within the medium, special emphasis was placed on captivating us with stories that on more than one occasion have remained engraved in our memories forever. Final Fantasy has been one of the main contributors to all this, providing techniques, concepts and all kinds of ideas so that video games are much more than just games, to the point that to date, it is difficult to say which title in the saga has the best history.

First of all, do we have to have played any other Final Fantasy to get into this new one? No, the answer is a resounding no. As the series has almost always worked, here we are before a completely independent story that although it takes some elements and references from its predecessors, has nothing to do with them, so in effect, this could be your first Final Fantasy without no kind of problem.

In Final Final Fantasy XVI we take control of Clive Rosfield, eldest son of the Grand Duchy of Rosaria, one of the six main nations that inhabit the world of Valisthea, which, in turn, is separated by two main continents. These are extremely difficult times for the region, as a curse known as the Blight is consuming large parts of the land, leaving them completely barren and lifeless.

Final Fantasy XVI with complexity

This matter makes the leaders of each one of the territories very nervous, causing the tensions between them to become increasingly intense and with strong risks of an armed conflict. Furthermore, we have a complex society where people who can control magic without the need for crystals are treated as slaves and as some kind of subhuman. In contrast, are the Dominants, beings capable of summoning the Eikons which are creatures of great power that of course, Final Fantasy.

Clive’s story begins when he is barely 15 years old. His family has no choice but to respond to the aggressions of the Holy Empire of Sanbreque, and just as he is about to embark on the military campaign together with his father and brother, they suffer from a serious betrayal that destroys his family and causes a couple of enormous tragedies, causing the protagonist to fall into enemy hands and go from basically being a respected prince, to a slave, precisely because he has magical powers.

Sounds like too classic a story to you? You’d be surprised if not. Something that Final Final Fantasy XVI has in almost each of its sections, is that on the one hand, it is usually very avant-garde and on the other, extremely traditional. Yes, the premise of his story of the hero’s path may be familiar, but believe me when we tell you that the way it unfolds is not at all. Something extremely interesting is that we are facing a story that goes from major events involving entire nations to highly personal issues with brutally well-constructed characters that are constantly changing. Above all Clive, he is a very complex, interesting protagonist who is evolving with each event that comes his way. In the same way, those around him always tend to contribute something of relevance and we manage to form a fairly intense bond with all of them.

A Classic Story?

The story of Final Final Fantasy XVI is one of betrayal, redemption, friendship, revenge, and stark contrasts. His inspiration is set in how Game of Thrones often works, because, in addition to all this family business, we have that at any time and without prior notice, an important character can lose his life, leaving you in complete shock. In turn, how the story unfolds on a macro scale makes you stay on the edge of your seat all the time, because, at practically all times, something important is happening. To mention that indeed, this is one of the Final Fantasy more focused on the narrative and history part, being heavily loaded with spectacular cinematics with very violent and dark tones, in addition to the fact that the vast majority of conversations have voice acting, which we can tell you, is extremely well done.

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It’s hard to say, but we think that after the little less than 40 hours, it took me to complete the game’s main quest. We can recommend to you that Final Fantasy 16 tells the strongest, most intense, and most important story in the entire history of the saga. How he develops his world and complex lore is only surpassed by how his characters are constantly evolving, making you feel interested in them and what is happening to them at all times. For all of the above, we also think that without a doubt, this is the best story that is going to be told in a video game, at least in 2023.

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