Final Fantasy 16 Demo Review: What To Expect?

3 months ago By Aaron Whittakar

Final Fantasy 16 demo has finally been released and the excitement of the fans is at an all time high. The demo does the job of a prologue by giving players an introduction to the world of Valisthea. With the full game all set to release on 22nd June 2023, the demo makes sure to keep the fans on the edge of their seats. 

Final Fantasy 16 Demo

The Final Fantasy 16 demo begins with a glimpse of what the world will become. Then it goes 13 years back in time to introduce the main character Clive Rosfield. The powerful titans called the Eikons controlled by humans called Dominants, who are able to wield their power exist in Valisthea. These Dominants are respected throughout Valisthea due to their power. The first titan battle shown in the Final Fantasy 16 demo, which takes place on a huge scale leaves you surprised, giving you a taste of what was to come.

Towards the end of the prologue story in the Final Fantasy 16 demo, a previously mysterious Eikon is shown. He is said to have a huge impact on Clive’s journey. The story explains how the death and destruction that came about after the betrayal of Clive, his brother Joshua, and their father led him to seek revenge.

What to Expect From Final Fantasy 16?

The combat system displayed in the Final Fantasy 16 demo looks easy to understand with some great action. Animations such as Clive’s magic attacks in concert make defeating an enemy look more satisfying. Thus fans can expect some great and lively animation details. 

The demo also shows some small boss fights that depict what is coming further into the game. Players can also expect a titan fight sequence wherein they can take on the role of the Phoenix in an interesting chain of events. The story may not be completely new, but it comes with an emotional connection. The graphics used to show the violence is new territory for Final Fantasy are just perfect, never going out of place. Thus fans can expect a lighthearted yet an action-loaded game. 

The demo showcases an appealing story, great combat, and an advanced approach paired with breathtaking animation. Looks like Square Enix has left no stone unturned while making Final Fantasy 16 which can be seen in the demo. 

The amount of detailing in be it giant set pieces or small chainmail on a soldier’s armor is truly noteworthy. The Final Fantasy 16 demo does the right amount of teasing before the official release of the game next week. It gives out just the right amount of details to keep their fans hooked. 

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