YaLLa Esports Confirms The Tournament ‘Compass’ With A Prize Pool Of $450,000

1 months ago By Aaron Whittakar

The Counter-Strike 2 community across the world has something to cheer about – the unveiling of a brand new Tournament based in UAE. YaLLa Esports is calling this event a celebration from the Middle East to the World.

Over the past years, there have been numerous competitions for Counter-Strike which have offered massive prize pots for the winners. Some of the more popular Tournaments are BLAST Premier League, ESL Challenger League, A1 Gaming League, European Pro League, CCT North Europe, Buster Counter Strike 2 League, Brasil Game Show, Swisscom Hero League, etc.

These competitions have been a massive platform for the Pro Gamers to prove their mettle and in turn earn insane prizes for their skills.

The main reason YaLLa Esports is well-known in the Middle East is because it is a prosperous esports organization. Since its founding in 2016, the organization has participated in a number of titles, most notably PUBG Mobile, VALORANT, and CS:GO. The agency division of the business works with customers on events, tournament planning, social media, and other esports and gaming-related areas.

Constructing a Global Event with Community Priority

Fundamentally, “Compass” aims to be a community-focused worldwide esports event that breaks down barriers and honors local gaming traditions. One of the main reasons the Compass concept has been successful in the Middle East esports industry since 2016 is YaLLa Esports’ lengthy history of community development and support.

The esports competition “Compass” is more than simply a showcase for gaming’s ability to bring people together, inspire change, and inspire unity. YaLLa Esports extends an invitation to gamers worldwide to join them on this incredible adventure, complete with a sizable prize fund, a community-first philosophy, and an emphasis on growth and opportunity.

A new esports tournament series called Compass with a $450,000 total prize pool has been launched by YaLLa Esports. Finland is home to the tournament operator’s CEO and founder, who is headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

The LAN finals, which are slated for June 5–9, 2024, will get $400,000 from the tournament; the two qualifiers, which will take place online in Europe from October 16–December 14, 2023, and January 15–May 2, 2024, will receive $25,000.

Two qualifying rounds, each with a $25,000 (£20,500) prize fund, will make up the new tournament. Teams will be seeded for the two rounds leading up to the June 2024 LAN final in the United Arab Emirates. Regarding whether some teams would be invited straight to the LAN stage or if every team has to go through the qualifiers, the organizers withheld any information.

YaLLa Esports stated that the competition’s main goal is to expand the esports market in the United Arab Emirates. This involves enabling local teams to compete on the same stage as well-known international teams and contributing to the creation of jobs.

The victor of a MENA Championship will also receive a local hero spot on Compass. Together with the two teams from the online qualifications, this team will be one of nine teams admitted straight to the 12-team competition.

Two BO1 round-robin groups of six will open the LAN finals. The top three teams from these groups advance to a single-elimination progressive playoff bracket, where two teams advance to the semi-finals while the other four play in the first round.

“I’m very grateful for the network I have built here over the past ten years that is now rallying behind Compass and supporting this massive ambition of ours, as we could not have done it without our partners,” said Klaus Kajetski, CEO and founder of YaLLa Esports.

Last year, YaLLa Esports gained notoriety when they were granted entry into the Saudi Esports Federation. YaLLa Esports, a United Arab Emirates-based startup, made hints about potential new operations in Saudi Arabia, although nothing has been verified on that front as of yet.

Significant Dates

First Qualifier: October 16, 2023, to December 14, 2023

Second Qualifier: January 15, 2024, through May 2, 2024

LAN Finals: June 5, 6, 9, 2024

Qualifier Teams

The following teams are in the first Swiss qualifier:

  • Sweden Alliance
  • Bulgaria 500
  • Europe IKLA
  • Bulgaria The Chosen Few
  • Sweden GODSENT
  • Europe TSM
  • Sweden Metizport
  • Czech Republic ECLOT
  • Europe AGO
  • Europe Entropiq
  • Slovakia Sampi
  • Poland Anonymo
  • Denmark ECSTATIC
  • Denmark Espionage
  • Finland JANO

“Compass” is distinguished by its enduring dedication to promoting development and employment prospects inside the United Arab Emirates. YaLLa Esports is fostering the growth of the gaming industry in the Middle East by arranging and marketing this elite esports event, paving the road for talent and jobs in esports both on and off the stage.

This Competition is said to be a boon, not just for the Players participating in the Esport, but also for the viewers for the inspiration and the love it will perpetuate in the hearts of the aspiring viewers. Don’t forget to tune in to cheer for your favorite team and earn some loyalty points in turn!

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