Chainsaw Man Online: Character Origins – Darkness Devil

2 months ago By AI Smith

The Darkness Devil, also known as Yami no Akuma, is a formidable devil that embodies humanity’s primal fear of the dark and the unknown. It serves as a secondary antagonist in the International Assassins arc, displaying immense power and posing a grave threat to the protagonists. This article explores the appearance, personality, plot involvement, abilities, and weaknesses of the Darkness Devil.


The Darkness Devil’s physical form consists of multiple emaciated human bodies. Its legs are formed by two bodies, while four additional bodies serve as its torso, each bearing a unique facial expression. The heads exhibit various features, including a pterodactyl-like head with curved horns. One of the bodies extends its arms, seemingly creating a cape made of darkness.


Little is known about the Darkness Devil’s personality. However, it displays fierce aggression towards anything it perceives as a threat. Though mostly silent, it exhibits intelligence and the ability to reason, as evidenced by its capability to form contracts with humans. Like other devils, it harbors animosity towards Chainsaw Man due to the danger he poses.

International Assassins Arc

In this arc, the Darkness Devil emerges after Denji and a group of Devil Hunters and assassins are transported to Hell. It swiftly attacks and overwhelms the entire group. The Devil forms a contract with Tolka, granting him the power to kill Makima in exchange for Chainsaw Man’s heart. As part of the agreement, the Darkness Devil provides a piece of its flesh to Santa Claus on Earth.

With the contract fulfilled, the Darkness Devil kills Tolka and proceeds to engage in fierce battles with various characters, resulting in multiple casualties. Despite several attempts to combat the Devil, including Denji’s efforts, the Darkness Devil remains a formidable opponent.


The Darkness Devil possesses immense power, being a transcendent being that embodies a primal fear. As such, it has never experienced death due to its extraordinary strength. It possesses standard devil abilities such as blood consumption and contract creation. Notably, Santa Claus formed a contract with the Darkness Devil, granting them the power to manipulate their body in darkness and amplify their overall abilities.

Physical Abilities

  1. Immense Speed: The Darkness Devil can move and attack at remarkable speeds, evading and overpowering its opponents effortlessly.
  2. Immense Strength: It exhibits great physical strength, easily lifting targets and causing substantial damage with its powerful swings.
  3. Immense Healing Factor: While in darkness, the Darkness Devil demonstrates rapid regeneration capabilities, quickly recovering from powerful attacks.

Devil Powers

Nigh-Absolute Immortality: The Darkness Devil, being a primal fear embodiment, cannot be killed through conventional means.

Darkness Manipulation: As the fear of darkness personified, the Darkness Devil can manipulate darkness. It can transform into a mass of darkness, enveloping its surroundings and manifesting eerie forms.

Blade of Darkness: The Devil can conjure a large blade with attached bells, telekinetically controlling it to attack enemies. Once the blade makes contact, violent hemorrhaging occurs in the affected beings.


Although not explicitly stated, the Darkness Devil’s powers can be countered to some extent by light. Denji manages to weaken a Darkness-empowered Santa Claus by setting himself on fire, generating light that weakens the Devil’s bestowed powers. However, it is important to note that light alone is likely insufficient to kill a Primal Devil like the Darkness Devil.

The Darkness Devil represents the embodiment of humanity’s deepest fear of darkness and the unknown. Its appearance, relentless aggression, and devastating powers make it a formidable adversary. 

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