Chainsaw Man Online: Character Origins – Gun Devil

2 months ago By AI Smith

The Gun Devil, also known as Jū no Akuma, is a formidable devil that represents the fear associated with firearms. It serves as the primary antagonist in the Gun Devil arc of the Public Safety saga. This article delves into the appearance, personality, history, and abilities of this powerful entity.


A) Full Devil Form (November 18th Attack-100%)

During the November 18th attacks, the Gun Devil’s full form (100%) was described as a figure with legs, feet, bones, and flesh. However, no visual representation of this form exists, leaving many details unknown.

B) Fragmented Devil Form (American percentage-20%)

When 20% of its body is summoned by the President of the United States, the Gun Devil takes the form of a massive floating humanoid. It possesses enormous rifles for arms, a skeletal body filled with disembodied heads, and an oversized barrel and slide protruding from its face. Its lower half is replaced by long giant ammo belts.

C) Fiend Form (Aki Hayakawa)

After the Gun Devil possesses Aki Hayakawa’s body, it transforms into the Gun Fiend. In this form, its hair is let down, dark veins cover its eyes and forehead, and the barrel and slide of an M1911 protrude from its face. Its left forearm is replaced by an M4.


The Gun Devil’s personality remains largely unknown. It has never displayed any form of communication or shown any discernible traits throughout the storyline. However, based on the immense destruction it causes and its disregard for human life, the Gun Devil can be described as a vile and wicked entity, solely concerned with its own existence.


Thirteen years prior to the present day, the world experienced a surge in gun usage as a means to combat devils. This led to a rise in gun-related crimes and civil unrest, instilling a widespread fear of firearms. On November 18th, a large-scale terrorist attack involving guns occurred in America, marking the first appearance of the Gun Devil. It went on to devastate multiple countries, resulting in the loss of millions of lives in a matter of minutes.


After the initial attacks, the Gun Devil disappeared, but its impact on society instilled fear in humanity and fueled efforts to control arms manufacturing. Various countries and devils obtained fragments of the Gun Devil’s body. In the ongoing storyline, the Gun Devil’s defeat becomes a significant objective for characters like Denji and Makima.


As a devil, the Gun Devil possesses standard devil abilities, including the ability to make contracts with humans and become a fiend by taking over a deceased human body.

  1. Immense Speed: The Gun Devil exhibits incredible speed, capable of killing millions of people worldwide in mere minutes. Even after transforming into the Gun Fiend, it retains this exceptional speed, allowing it to quickly travel and engage in combat.
  1. Enhanced Durability: Being composed of guns, the Gun Devil and its fiend form possess heightened durability. Despite residing in a human body, the guns in its forearm can withstand multiple attacks without sustaining damage.
  1. Gun Devil Flesh: When the Gun Devil moves, pieces of its flesh resembling bullets scatter across various locations. Devils that consume these flesh pieces experience a significant increase in power. The Gun Devil’s body is separated into fragments held by different countries and devils worldwide, constantly attempting to rejoin and regenerate.
  1. Bullet Projection: The Gun Devil can fire bullets with remarkable precision and speed using the firearms integrated into its body. It can target specific groups, such as adult males or children within certain distances. Even as the Gun Fiend, its ability.

The Gun Devil, a terrifying and destructive entity in the “Public Safety” saga, represents the fear and devastation associated with firearms. With its immense speed, enhanced durability, and deadly bullet projection abilities, it has wreaked havoc on humanity, leaving millions of lives lost in its wake. As the story unfolds, the defeat of the Gun Devil becomes a crucial objective for the main characters. Its impact on society has sparked fear and led to efforts to control arms manufacturing. The Gun Devil remains a formidable force, embodying the dark side of humanity’s relationship with guns and serving as a significant threat in the ongoing narrative.

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