What is Super Mario RPG? A new art, soundtrack, release date, price and more

2 months ago By Ronny Walker

We review all the information that Nintendo has shared about Super Mario RPG Remake, a modernization of Squaresoft’s classic Japanese role-playing game that will arrive on Switch on November 17.

The Nintendo Direct held on June 21 was quite a feast for lovers of the best-known Italian plumber in video games. In addition to the remastering of Luigi’s Mansion 2, new racers and tracks coming soon to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and a new title starring Princess Peach, Nintendo announced Super Mario Bros. Wonder, a new season inside perspective that will revamp the formula. After the slight stagnation caused by the New Super Mario Bros. sub saga, and Super Mario RPG Remake, an update of the classic Japanese role-playing game developed jointly by Big N and Squaresoft -now known as Square Enix after its merger with Enix- that was released exclusively for Super Nintendo back in 1996.

As the fans of this first foray of Mario and the rest of the characters from his universe into role-playing video games will know, the original title was originally released in Japan and, shortly after, in the United States, a territory in which it was released. under the name of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.

It was not until more than a decade later, specifically in mid-2008, that players in Europe were able to officially acquire the work through the Nintendo Wii Virtual Console; at the end of 2015, it also arrived at the Nintendo Wii U digital store. Now, fifteen years later, Nintendo has decided to bring back the classic for its hybrid console with a renewed graphic section and some quality-of-life improvements that all those new users who want to delve into this original proposal will appreciate.

A new artistic section with Chibi characters

Without a doubt, the first thing that catches the attention of Super Mario RPG Remake is the artistic direction that its creators have chosen to adapt the classic JRPG to the current times. At a time when we are getting used to classic role-playing games and HD-2D-style remakes, a technique that combines pixel art with three-dimensional settings and has been used in games like Octopath Traveler or LIVE A LIVE, it is surprising that Nintendo has opted for a visual section closer to that of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening and Pokémon Brilliant Diamond / Shimmering Pearl, to give a couple of recent examples.

Super Mario RPG Remake’ respects the essence of the original but presents a fairly notable graphic leap.

The final result, as can be seen in the trailer and in the screenshots that accompany this trailer, is quite beautiful. Of course, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be one of the most prodigious games in the Nintendo Switch catalogue at a graphic level, but it more than fulfils its function of modernizing the technical section of the original, while maintaining its isometric perspective and respecting both the scale of the environments and the distribution of the elements, although of course the general level of detail has increased a lot and you can see slight redesigns here and there.

Focusing on the design of the characters, it should be noted that this has been respected to a great extent, although all of them have been adapted to the chibi style to fit much better in the world, which looks like a toy model due to the angle of the camera and the selection of colours.

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A combat system with Mario elements

Super Mario RPG stood out, in addition to an interesting story that made us ally with Peach, Bowser and some new additions to the plumber’s universe, for a turn-based combat system that introduced the key items of the deliveries in a very successful and natural way. main, like the shells of the Koopa. As in the 1996 title, to engage in combat we will have to crash into enemies and, to defeat them, we will have to use our ingenuity to make the most of the synergies between characters. Naturally, the strategy and our knowledge of the abilities, advantages and disadvantages of our team will be elements to take into account and vital to succeed in the confrontations.

The game offers us combats with teams of up to three members, each one of them with their advantages and abilities.

Like any 2D RPG worth its salt, Super Mario RPG also has exploration sections, which will invite us to explore the settings in search of secrets and useful resources for the adventure, and even levels with platform parts, something that could not be missing in a Mario game. Nintendo has assured that the remake is thinking both for those who already know the original, who will be reunited with a jewel from the past with an important audiovisual facelift, but which maintains its playable bases, as well as for all players who want to get closer to him for the first time.

Yoko Shimomura returns to compose the soundtrack

Yoko Shimomura, the legendary Japanese composer responsible for the Kingdom Hearts soundtrack, among other great works of video games, was commissioned to compose the music for Super Mario RPG. To the surprise of the fans most attached to the classic, Shimomura is back to take care of the compositions for the remake.

This is news that will make many happy, since the soundtrack of the classic, which consists of original songs and arrangements of the mythical and catchy melodies by the talented Koji Kondo, was highly applauded at the time. Without a doubt, we are eager to discover how Shimomura will adapt to current times and that soundtrack that millions of players fell in love with in the mid-90s.

The music of ‘Super Mario RPG’ stood out for the arrangements of the classic themes and the new melodies.

Release date, price and availability

Super Mario RPG Remake will go on sale exclusively for Nintendo Switch on November 17, so you can already mark the date on your calendar if you are interested in it. As usual in first-party launches of the hybrid system, it can be purchased at €59.99 and will be available both in digital format through the Nintendo eShop and in physical format, which has a cover that pays tribute to the original.

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