8 Nintendo Switch Games That Have Left Their BluePrints On The Community Most

10 months ago By AI Smith

Over the years and since Nintendo Switch went on sale, we have witnessed a large catalogue of games that have expanded Nintendo’s reach around the world. There have been some Nintendo Switch games that we can consider jewels. Authentic pearls of talent, masterpieces that have managed to connect with the public and establish bonds with the players.

That is what makes Nintendo strong and what has always characterized it, and more now that Nintendo Switch has been able to exploit some sagas like The Legend of Zelda in a way that we have never seen before. In this article, we’ll talk about those Nintendo Switch games that have made a huge impact on the community, so join us on this journey from the beginnings of Nintendo Switch to today.

BOTW marked a before and after not only for titles released on Nintendo Switch but also for Nintendo in general. And mainly for The Legend of Zelda saga, one of the most emblematic in the history of the world of video games. In Zelda: BOTW we were able to experience a new Link story and tour Hyrule like never before. Undoubtedly a title among millions, an authentic jewel that has been able to remain in the minds and hearts of millions of players throughout the world. And that was awarded the best game of the year award at the GOTY 2017.

Zelda: TOTK has established itself in a short time as a worthy successor to BOTW because Hyrule offers us a new story and endless surprises and adventures. The sequel to Breath of the Wild has proven to be much better than its predecessor and not only that, but it is also a clear candidate to win the GOTY for best game of the year 2023 at the next gala. But it is at this top because it has managed to conquer the hearts of millions of players once again. Zelda is engraved in the feelings of the Nintendo community and that is something that can never be erased.

Persona 5 Royal

The Atlus title has more than demonstrated that it deserves to be at this top. Although it is not an exclusive title for Nintendo Switch the complexity, duration, and variety of situations that we will find ourselves in in the story of Persona 5 have made it the title with the highest ratings by critics on pages like Metacritic, and its version on Nintendo. A switch is not far behind. If you want hundreds of hours of quality and fun, this instalment is for you.

Super Mario Odyssey

This new Mario adventure deserves to be on this list, as it is one of the first games of the franchise to come out for Switch, and it gives us a radically different point of view from what we were used to. And it is that in Mario Odyssey, we will travel the world with a ship that gives its name to the title: Odyssey. Everyone who has played it will agree that it is another of the games that have managed to burn itself into the heart of the Nintendo community. Aren’t you looking forward to seeing all the places you are going to discover?

Metroid Prime Remastered

Here we play a little with nostalgia, but we have reasons. And is reliving again this adventure of Samus Aran for Nintendo Switch has been like going back to the origins? The rebirth of a classic adventure that has allowed us to enjoy one of the best Nintendo games with current graphics and hardware. Take a first-person look at the story of Samus Aran as she makes her way through a dangerous alien planet. This adventure is a return to the origins and a reaffirmation that he managed to make a strong impact on the Nintendo community.

Dragon Quest XI

Embark on an epic adventure leading the Luminary, in Dragon Quest XI. Together with a group of loyal companions, we will have to embark on an adventure to save the world. Another of the jewels of Nintendo Switch that knew how to earn its place in the affection of the community. Everyone who has played it will have seen the strengths of it and also where it could have been improved. However, the vast majority will agree that the eleventh instalment of Dragon Quest has greatly marked the future of the saga and the feelings of those who played it.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3

The third part of Xenoblade Chronicles 3 serves as a link for the rest of the events that we saw in previous instalments. While the Xenoblade saga has had a profound impact on Nintendo since 2010, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has been like the icing on the cake. The final touch that the franchise needed to finish winning the hearts of the community.

Bayonetta 2

In this sequel to Bayonetta, we will witness an explosive combination of action, nervous breakdowns and epic and incredible battles that will remain in our memories forever. That is the magic of the Bayonetta saga that has managed to build a groundbreaking and different title within the Nintendo catalogue with each instalment. And the best thing is that it has managed to perfectly fit the needs of the fans and the community in general. For all this and much more, it deserves its place as one of the games that has had the greatest impact on the Nintendo Switch community.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing has been a hit around the world. Although it may be a game that is not made to everyone’s tastes, the potential and scope it has is undeniable, especially in an audience that might not be so used to gaming. With this instalment of Animal Crossing, we have infinite customization options. A story to forge, and a path and future that will shape by our decisions and our actions. Undoubtedly another special title that just for winning the hearts of millions of fans around the world, deserves its place on this list.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

The quintessential racing game on Nintendo. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has had a tremendous impact on the lives of all of us here. Whether it was because you enjoyed it during your childhood playing on your own or with friends, or if today you still experience it as a child with each race, the impact and repercussion of the Mario Kart saga is undeniable, and it is something that deserves its special place on this list. Do you agree?

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If before we talked about the definitive racing game, with Super Smash Bros Ultimate we are facing the definitive fighting and combat game on Nintendo. Due to its rich variety of characters from different sagas and universes, the epic combats and those afternoons playing with friends, Super Smash also deserves its place, this time closing the list of Nintendo Switch games that have had the greatest impact on the community. Do you agree with the list?

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