Super Mario Bros. Wonder Game size 4.5 GB, Download Link, Site & Price

2 months ago By Ronny Walker

The Nintendo eShop reveals that the new Super Mario Bros. in two dimensions will require 4.5 GB free on Switch. It is the side-scrolling Mario that will take up the most space on the console.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the new two-dimensional platform adventure of the most famous plumber in video games, was the last big announcement that was presented in yesterday’s Nintendo Direct. Shortly after its presentation, Nintendo shared a few important details, such as that it will be released exclusively for Nintendo Switch on October 20 and the size it will occupy.

The game lovers can see the video game file on the Nintendo eShop, this will require 4.5 GB of free space in the console’s storage, a size considerably smaller than that of other exclusive and cross-platform hybrid consoles. Of course, it should be noted that it is the largest 2D Super Mario in the catalogue, since New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe has a size of 2.5 GB and Super Mario Maker 2 occupies 3.1 GB, in addition, the size may vary.

What do we know so far about Super Mario Bros. Wonder?

Super Mario Bros. Wonder is “the next step in the evolution of 2D side-scrolling games in the Super Mario Bros. series .” The official description offered by Nintendo focuses on the Wonder Flower, an object that will unleash random and crazy situations when we touch it “The pipes will come to life, lots of enemies will appear and even the characters will change their appearance”.

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The Wonder Flower will be one of the most attractive objects of this new instalment since it promises to surprise us with “very exciting” situations thanks to the changes that it will apply to the scenarios.

A must watch movie if you are a fan of Super Mario

“Super Mario Bros. The Movie is a great animated film for the whole family, hilarious, spectacular and with an almost frantic pace, but very well measured. It is a work that reintroduces us to characters we have known for decades, recognizable, but with a personality that makes them inseparable from their actors.

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Super Mario is a movie that has kept us smiling in the cinema for 1 hour 33 minutes. It is also a production that overflows with affection for this movie and for what it has meant, which will make us remember moments that we have spent with the plumber, alone or accompanied, by friends or family, two weeks ago or 10 years ago.

The movie has already hit $1.4 billion globally and it reminds us that this immortal character has made us happy all our lives and that he will do so for a long time to come”, we will reflect more in the upcoming edition.

We will have to pay attention to more details. Meanwhile, we remind you of the contents and details of the physical editions of the Mario movie and the digital content they include.

What do you think about it? We will continue to report on the Super Mario movie, especially with a view to its release outside theatres!

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