Valorant Ignite Capsule Bundle July 2023: Price, Where To Buy, Release Date & Skin 

2 months ago By Randell Jhonson

The highly anticipated Valorant Ignite Capsule bundle is set to release soon, and players are buzzing with excitement. Contrary to viral speculations, this melee weapon bundle will not be region locked and will be accessible to players worldwide. 

The bundle showcases the stunning Ignite Melee weapon skin, designed to commemorate the launch of Valorant in China. Alongside the exquisite melee weapon, there are additional accessories in the bundle that follow the same captivating theme. 

In this article, we will provide you with all the essential details about the Valorant Ignite Capsule bundle, including the release date, price, exclusive weapon skin, and other items.

Valorant Ignite Capsule: Complete Details

In celebration of Valorant’s launch in China, Riot Games has unveiled the special Ignite Capsule bundle, available for all Valorant players to purchase. This exclusive melee weapon collection will only be available for a limited time, making it a one-time purchasable collection. Once the bundle is removed from the game, it will not return, including the Night Market or Valorant Shop.

Ignite Capsule: Complete Collection

The Ignite Capsule bundle features a range of unique items that players can acquire:

  • Ignite: Flex Title
  • Ignite: Fire-Born Title
  • Ignite: Huang Spray
  • Ignite: Feng Spray
  • Ignite: Huang Playercard
  • Ignite: Feng Playercard
  • Ignite Fan (Melee Weapon Skin)

Valorant Ignite Capsule: Pricing and Release Date

The exact cost of the Ignite Capsule bundle has not been officially revealed. However, leaks suggest that the highlight of the bundle, the Ignite Fan melee weapon, will be priced at 4350 VP (Valorant Points). 

This cost is solely for the base knife, as players will need to use Radianite Points (RP) to unlock special animations, visual effects, and color variants.

The complete bundle, including all the items mentioned above, is expected to be priced around 5000 VP. It is worth noting that the price may vary for China due to the higher cost of VP in the country.

The highly anticipated Ignite Capsule bundle is scheduled to be released on July 14th, a Friday. This information was derived from the official launch article for China, which explicitly stated that the collection’s release is intended for global players.

Valorant Ignite Capsule: Unique Features and Trailers

The Ignite Fan melee weapon in the Ignite Capsule bundle is designed based on traditional oriental fans, similar to the Celestial weapon skin. However, what sets it apart is the captivating animations and special effects.

By default, the melee weapon appears as a regular knife without any animations or special effects. However, after the first upgrade, it gains oriental fan inspect and attack animations, along with a striking flaming effect that covers the weapon.

Further upgrading the weapon transforms its color to a mesmerizing violet shade, enveloping it in purple-coloured flames.

The Ignite Capsule bundle trailers consist of a cinematic trailer that depicts the creation of the Ignite Fan melee weapon and a gameplay trailer showcasing the knife in action within Valorant.

The Valorant Ignite Capsule bundle is a highly anticipated release, featuring the stunning Ignite Fan melee weapon and a range of complementary items. The bundle will be a one-time purchase opportunity, adding to its exclusivity and appeal. 

While the exact price of the bundle has not been confirmed, leaks suggest the cost of the Ignite Fan melee weapon to be 4350 VP. The bundle is expected to be available on July 14th, and players can look forward to upgrading the melee weapon with unique animations and visual effects. Don’t miss the chance to acquire the Ignite Capsule bundle, as it promises to be a captivating addition to your Valorant collection.

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