CS GO July 2023: 5 Best Aim Training Maps, How To Target Them & More

2 months ago By Randell Jhonson

In the fast-paced world of CS:GO, sharp aim and precision are vital for success. To enhance your aiming skills and take your gameplay to the next level, aim training is essential. Fortunately, CS GO offers a range of aim training maps available through the Steam Workshop. In this article, we will explore the top 5 aim training maps for July 2023, providing you with valuable insights on how to target them effectively.

Yprac Aim Trainer:

The Yprac Aim Trainer is widely regarded as one of the best aim training maps available in CS:GO. It offers a comprehensive range of exercises, covering aspects such as flicking, speed, precision, tracking, and burst. The map’s versatility allows players to target specific areas for improvement and adapt their training to individual needs. With various difficulty modes and well-designed exercises, the Yprac Aim Trainer is a popular choice for both casual and professional players.

Astralis Aim Training:

Created in collaboration with the renowned team Astralis, the Astralis Aim Training map focuses on refining in-game movement, strafing techniques, and peeking skills. This map includes different modes such as Arena, Box Fight, Angle Hold, and Hall Peak. By practicing natural movements and firing patterns encountered in real matches, players can strengthen their fundamentals and gain a competitive edge.

Fast Warmup – Bot Training:

When you need a quick warm-up session before diving into ranked matches, the Fast Warmup – Bot Training map is an excellent choice. It features bots approaching from various distances, heights, and speeds, allowing players to fine-tune their aim and reaction time. The map also offers additional modes for turning, flicking, and long-range shooting, enabling players to enhance their overall aiming abilities.


For those seeking a more traditional aim training experience, the Training_aim_csgo2 map is a tried-and-true option. With multiple training modes like Classic (Fast Aiming), Angles and Sliding, Reflex Training, Burst Training, and Intensive Fast Aiming, this map provides a comprehensive range of exercises. Players can customize settings such as speed, test duration, angles, rotations, and shots required to kill, ensuring a tailored training experience.


The DC | AIM & MOVEMENT | TRAINING map offers a well-rounded aim training experience with five distinct modes: Arena, Shooting Range, Movement, Target, and Container. Each mode focuses on different aspects of gameplay, providing players with a variety of exercises to improve their aim and movement. While it may require a separate room to change weapons, this map offers valuable training opportunities for players of all skill levels.

To excel in CS:GO, continuous aim training is crucial. The Yprac Aim Trainer, Astralis Aim Training, Fast Warmup – Bot Training, Training_aim_csgo2, and DC | AIM & MOVEMENT | TRAINING maps provide excellent platforms to enhance your aiming skills. Experiment with different maps, explore their unique exercises and find the ones that best suit your training goals. 

Remember to focus on consistency and regular practice to see significant improvements in your aim. With dedication and the right training tools, you can elevate your gameplay and achieve greater success in CS:GO.

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