Top 5 GTA characters of all time

2 months ago By Aaron Whittakar

Grand Theft Auto, or GTA is close to our hearts. It’s been years now that we’ve been playing this amazing and interesting game. Apart from the game plot itself, what makes this game one of the best video games is the GTA characters. The game has cops, gangsters, mechanics, comedians, and athletes among others. And we all have multiple favorites. 

We’ev curated a list of some of the best GTA Characters of all time:

Top 5 GTA Characters Of All Time


Michael De Santa also known as Michael Townley is among the top GTA characters in GTA V. The character is a former bank robber and career delinquent. Micheal fakes his death and retires to live a normal life with his family in Los Santos. His two best friends are also among the best GTA characters of all times – Franklin Clinton and Trevor Philips.

Tommy Vercetti

Thomas ‘Tommy’ Vercett is one of the earliest characters of GTA, and most of us probably started playing GTA with Tommy. He is the protagonist of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, which is set in 1986. Tommy is smart and moody. He gets easily angered and resorts to violence. 

Niko Bellic

Niko Bellic is the main GTA character of Grand Theft Auto IV. He was raised in Yugoslavia, where he fought the Yugoslav Wars. Niko later worked as a hired gun in Liberty City for managed crime conglomerates.

Franklin Clinton

Micheal’s friend Franklin Clinton is one of the three main GTA characters in the GTA V. He operates with Micheal and Trevor. Born and spent his entire life in Los Santos, Franklin became a gangbanger at a very young age.

Trevor Philips

Trevor Philips is a GTA V character who is Micheal and Franklin’s friend. Trevor is shown as a prisoner and former bank thief. He boasts of a complex past, who established his own company, named Trevor Philips Enterprises. Trevor is known for his irresponsible and aggressive nature.However, he is very loyal and respectful to those who are close to him.

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