Mortal Kombat 1: What Is “Day of the Dead” Skin For Sub-Zero, Leaves Fans In Confusion

11 months ago By AI Smith

A few days ago new characters for  Mortal Kombat 1 were known. Now we have more confirmations, focused on a new gift for booking it. It seems that by pre-ordering Mortal Kombat 1, players in Latin America will receive an exclusive “Day of the Dead” skin for Sub-Zero, the result of a collaboration with Triplemania, the main wrestling event in Mexico. 

This promotion is exclusive to Latin America for now and valid only until September 18. However, it has already been confirmed that the skin can be acquired later by paying, although it is not known how much. This initiative celebrates and represents Latin American culture, so it’s great to see!

When Is It Releasing?

On September 18, the next instalment of the popular Mortal Kombat saga at the hands of NetherRealm Studios arrives on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, Nintendo Switch and PC. This new instalment, aimed at exploiting the graphics engine of the not-so-new Microsoft and Sony consoles, is postulated as one of the most violent to date. Through a spectacular cinematic with an incredible Liu Kang, this new work was presented, also promising the inclusion of extra characters, alien to the world directed by Ed Boon, such as Peacemaker or Patriot, which are part of the superhero genre and are characterized, mainly, by for being bloodthirsty.

Throughout its history, Mortal Kombat 1 has received very special guests in its ranks: Kratos, Rambo, Leatherface, Alien or Predator are some examples of fighters that were available in Mortal Kombat (2011), Mortal Kombat X or Mortal Kombat 11. The Ed Boon saga opened the doors for cult characters to face off in 1v1 combat against the brutal protagonists of the most dangerous tournament in the world. With that in mind, and with the summer wait until Mortal Kombat 1, we have made a list of characters that we would like to see included in the roster of this fighting game.

The guest characters we would like to see in Mortal Kombat 1

Conan the Barbarian

Taking into account that Mortal Kombat has always opted to add cult movie characters to its repertoire of fighters, Conan the Barbarian could not be missing from this list. Arnold Schwarzenegger is going through a new golden era thanks to the projects released on Netflix: Fubar and his documentary, ‘ Arnold ‘ in which the main stages of his life are reviewed. In 1982, under the orders of John Milius, the actor and bodybuilder played Conan with great success, marking a before and after in his career. The brutality of the character, together with the actor’s muscles, would be luxurious in Mortal Kombat.

From NetherRealm Studios they could launch a character of arms to take, and never better said. Schwarzenegger’s Conan could crash into the fighting game wielding swords, maces, axes, or whatever comes along, in addition to his beloved fists of steel. To make the bet a little more attractive, you could even include fatalities that culminate with Conan doing some famous Arnold posture in his bodybuilding stage. It’s a lot to ask, logically, but since the artist is very fashionable lately, he could find a place for him and take the public by storm.

Jack Torrance

Jack Nicholson is in a fighting game crushing characters like Scorpion or Sub-Zero with an axe. Where to sign? The veteran actor, who was recently seen after a long time missing, played the most important role of his career with Stanely Kubrick freely adapting the pages of Stephen King’s The Shining. Jack Torrance fits perfectly with the essence of Mortal Kombat since he could take the madness that he never unleashed on the big screen for a walk.

Torrance might even have special skills deploying the creepy ghosts that inhabit the Overlook Hotel and are in charge of making life miserable for this family man. The Shining has hundreds of iconic scenes that would amaze players: the appearance of the twins, the tide of blood, or the final chase, for example, are some of them. To faithfully represent the character, he should go limp, reducing his mobility, but in return, his ax blows could be devastating.

John Wick (Baba Yaga)

Although Keanu Reeves has played such mythical characters as Neo, the protagonist of the Matrix trilogy, in recent years he has had a special burst of fame thanks to the fact that he has gotten into the skin of John Wick, one of the most dangerous assassins that the cinema has offered. The fourth instalment has been a success and Lionsgate, the producer, has already given the green light for John Wick 5 and more spinoffs. It would be the ideal time for Mortal Kombat 1 to have more traction among action fans.

The John Wick character, like Conan, could have a good set of weapons: guns, knives, nunchucks and even a pencil or a book (true fans of the character will understand). There are a thousand and one fighting combinations that can be applied to the character thanks to the fact that he masters an endless number of martial arts. You can even create special animations for when he has to block the bullets of an enemy who owns firearms, with his bulletproof suit seen in John Wick 4.

King Shark

Since Peacekeeper is going to be present, if nothing changes, in Mortal Kombat 1, what better than allowing him to come accompanied by another member of James Gunn’s Suicide Squad: King Shark (King Shark)? This particular DC villain has only one thing on his mind: to devour and destroy everything in sight. In other words, he is an ideal character for the famous fighting game because he is extremely brutal and strong.

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The treatment that James Gunn gave to this famous DC character in his feature film was excellent, allowing him to have his gore scenes accompanied by wisps of comedy that could work very well, and in the same way, here. We are not sure how his combos and attacks could be, since he is a heavy beast that does not require too many slaps to finish off his victims, but surely from NetherRealm Studios, they would know how to find that balance between bites, kicks and punches.

Art The Clown

Damien Leone made Terrifier go from being a product reserved for a series of select viewers to a mass phenomenon in the United States. Terrifier 2 managed to gross over $10 million on a $250,000 budget, all thanks to the extreme gore with which Art the Clown showers the screen, cruelly murdering his victims in the most gruesome ways possible. If King Shark has a spot on the Mortal Kombat 1 roster, Art the Clown deserves to step onto the scene on a red carpet.

Art the Clown’s basic attacks would be followed by stabbing and, with the strong ones or the special ones, he would already bring out his rack of gadgets: machine guns, hammers, chainsaws… Anything that falls into the hands of this character can be deadly because, in the two published instalments of Terrifier, we have seen him do really funny things. His entry into MK would allow the antagonist to take a giant step and make himself known even more.

Valak, The Nun From The Warren File

The character of Valak, seen in The Warren Files 2 and The Nun, with a sequel on the way, has never fought hand-to-hand as such against any fictional character, but he has a series of supernatural abilities that would allow him to face rivals like Conan. or Jack Torrance, for example. He can teleport, generate illusions and has a special obsession with strangling his victims. Adding to all this are the bad vibes that he transmits:

The demon Valak would add a sinister touch to each scenario that would turn every confrontation into a terrifying experience. He is not a character that can be compared to one taken from the slasher genre, like Jason Voorhees or Freddy Krueger, but he can be given a different approach than seen in the movies so that he can fight in Mortal Kombat introducing those touches of horror that would come like a glove on delivery.


We’d tip our hats to the inclusion of Blumhouse’s newest toy. Not only would it be aimed at capturing players who have this character as their new Chucky, but it would also serve to deal closely with the topic of the evolution and development of AI, which is very hot today. M3GAN is an antagonist who can take on anyone in melee thanks to his super strength, agility, and his versatility. To celebrate her victories, she could mark that dance that made the character go viral and helped make the movie a success.

As in the case of The Nun, M3GAN has a sequel in the works and aims to be Blumhouse’s next hit series for years to come, so it would be a character that would stay glued to the cinematic news for quite some time. The only serious problem would be its size, since being smaller than the rest can hinder roster balances. In other words, it could be broken from the start and wiped out.

Billy Butcher

Somebody’s going to have to put Patriota to rest, right? Billy Butcher has shown over the seasons of The Boys that he is more than capable of taking on a superhero, both with and without powers. The protagonist of the Prime Video series has faced off against Antony Starr’s character on more than one occasion, and Mortal Kombat would be the ideal setting to see who of the two could win in a death match. As long as Butcher can tap his powers at some point.

Butcher can defend himself with a good string of punches and with the elements that are on stage, always having those powers up his sleeve that he can acquire thanks to the V compound that superheroes receive. And if some special ability were put in where Butcher would take a baby out of his hat with laser beams (recreating a mythical scene from the series) it would be incredible. Having Karl Urban in a game always adds points and here there would be many willing to go through the box to get him.

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Victor Crowley

Victor Crowley is a character that belongs to the slasher genre and is somewhat unknown to the general public. Adam Green wrote and directed Hatchet in 2006, a story born as a result of the success of Friday the 13th that, however, presented a serial killer even more beast than Jason Voorhees and with a terrifying aspect. The first instalment even featured Robert Englund, we won’t tell you more. Crowley would help make the fights in Mortal Kombat 1 even more stud with his incredible strength and the power of his axe.

Following in the wake of other slasher characters introduced in the series, Crowley is a melee monster, although like King Shark he is a bit slow. NetherRealm Studios has four instalments, the latest published in 2017, to draw inspiration from. Throughout his history, Crowley has made deaths that would be difficult to see on the big screen due to his excessive gore.

Tyler Rake

It may seem a bit strange to add this character to this article, especially considering that we already have John Wick. But Chris Hemsworth has shown on screen that Tyler Rake is a ruthless mercenary, very resistant, who can face as many enemies as he can. Expert in firearms and melee, it would be interesting to see a Wick vs Rake.

Tyler Rake has two installments published on Netflix and Chris Hemsworth is already working on the third film. There are a thousand and one gadgets that Tyler Rake could use in combat, from smoke grenades for a stun to grenade launchers for a huge amount of health. His fighting style would have to be sharpened to not look too John Wick-like, but he could put on a good show with the right combos.

We have left other characters in the dark, such as Deadpool or Blade, both from Marvel Studios, as well as many other horror characters and the action genre. Mortal Kombat 1 can stretch a bit of the cinematographic news to enhance those aforementioned fictional characters and also attract a new audience, beyond also adding other nostalgic fighters such as Jack Nicholson’s Jack Torrance. What fighter would you like to see in the game as DLC?

You already know that the game opens on September 19  and will be released on Nintendo Switch. We also have a bunch of confirmed characters as well as additional characters supposedly leaked. You have more information about the different editions and their prices in this news. What do you think, fans of Mortal Kombat 1? Do not hesitate to share your opinion in the comments. We will remain attentive to inform you about this promising game that will arrive on Nintendo Switch!

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