Top 5 Secret locations in GTA that are Hard To Find 

2 months ago By Aaron Whittakar

GTA has some beautiful and fun places that are easily accessible, but there are some secret GTA locations that are hard to find, but are absolutely worth it. Here are some locations in GTA that are hard to achieve, but once you’re there, you don’t want to return.

Top 5 Secret locations in GTA

Bottom of the Ocean

At the bottom of Los Santos ocean is a location you never knew existed in GTA. A major portion of your time playing GTA 5 goes on land or in the air, but this ocean is worth exploring. The detailing is marvelous. However, make sure to carry a knife as you swim, because although it is beautiful, it can be deadly too. Sharks are often attackers here. You can also use a submarine to explore the ocean. 

Mount Chiliad Bike Trails

Mount Chiliad is one of the coolest places in GTA. You can climb GTA’s tallest mountain and parachute your way down. But something that very few people know is that it also has bicycle trails. In GTA story mode, you will see some mountain bikes at the top. If you’re playing online, you will have to carry your own bike to the top, which can be challenging. If you love biking and great views, then Mount Chiliad is your go-to GTA location.

Hilly Wind Farm

The wind farm in Los Santos is a brutal yet effective training location for aspiring pilots in GTA 5. If you are looking for some challenge, try flying a helicopter or small plane through this area. To add more fun get police helicopters to follow you through the hilly wind farms and watch the police stumble into the blades.

Military Base

Fort Zancudo army base should be on the top of your list if explosions and destruction are your favorites. The area is full of tanks, helicopters, and jets. Being an army base it is one of the hardest to reach locations in GTA. However you can still enter with a military vehicle or parachuting inside.

Airport Bunker

Any ardent GTA fan has spent a lot of time at the airport, be it stealing aircraft or having shootouts with police and players. But if you ever explore the airport you will find a hidden bunker. All the doors on the buildings are closed, But there’s just one open, which leads you to a small bunker  located on the roof of the building. It is a great hidden GTA location to hide from the police.

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