Super Mario Bros Wonder: Date, Price, Characters, Power-ups, eShop Page, Link & More

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A little over a couple of weeks ago, Nintendo revealed in one of those famous Nintendo Direct that fans like so much various very interesting video games, including Super Mario Bros Wonder for Nintendo Switch, a title that represents the classic return to the system. side-scrolling that saw the birth of Nintendo’s mascot, a change in what Super Mario Odyssey offered. The question is, what do we know so far about the expected game of our moustachioed hero in the red cap? Well, we are going to break it all down little by little in this text. Shall we start?

Super Mario Bros Wonder Trailer and Official eShop Page

So far, the only official trailer for the game remains the one seen during the Nintendo Direct that took place last month. You can see it below:

On the other hand, Super Mario Bros. Wonder has had a dedicated page on the Nintendo website since the announcement took place, it is the one that can be seen in the following image and also has various information about it in the form of functionalities, several possible players, a handful of official images of the game, etc. You can access it from the following link.

Release date, price, download size and reservations

Nintendo, they have set the release date of Super Mario Bros Wonder for this year, specifically, for October 20. Likewise, it is more than confirmed, as is usual in video games produced by the company based in Kyoto, which will have both a digital and a physical version, although sadly and for the moment, without much hope that this will change, there will be no collector’s edition, special Nintendo Switch or peripheral to celebrate this release.

As for the official sale price, the one set by Nintendo is €59.99, the standard for its new releases, at least in digital format. Likewise, for those of you who choose to buy it in this format, you will be interested to know that its download size is 4.5 GB. On the other hand, in physical format and as is the norm, the price usually varies depending on the retailer chosen for your reservation, from €59.99 full price at the Nintendo Store or GAME, to €46.99 at Carrefour or Mediamarkt, As we told you several days ago in this news. So one can easily save almost €15 if you buy a little, which is no small feat.

The story and gameplay of Super Mario Bro. Wonder

Although it would be daring to risk talking about the story that serves as the engine for this Super Mario Bros Wonder since there is still no official information about it, the almost three-minute trailer sheds some information about it. The first interesting piece of information is that, unlike in other adventures, this time Mario will not be alone in his titanic task of rescuing the Mushroom Kingdom, as several acquaintances from the franchise will be there with our hero. 

Likewise, at minute 1:37 you can see a huge ship with Bowser’s face flying over the skies, so it is to be expected that the King of the Koopa will be the villain again this time(something that surely will not surprise anyone). Finally, it seems that Mario does not get stars at the end of the phases, but instead receives a kind of bluish fruit (possibly those named Wonder Seeds), similar to the flower that stars in the official art. What value will they have in his adventure? We suppose they will serve to access new areas, but we will have to wait.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder Game is a side-scrolling Mario game in the old-school sense, so expect a movement from left to right full of many jumps through a series of differentiated phases that will put our platforming skills to the test. In addition, thanks to the trailer we know that there will be a kind of overworld from which to move our character to enter those levels (something also well-known in the series), as well as, presumably, to carry out some other secondary activity.

On the other hand, one of the most curious changes that we have been able to see in the presentation video is in the addition of those Wonder Flowers so protagonists that, when touched, seem to have the ability to twist the world around us at will. Many and different ways. Pipes can come to life to get moving, while enemies can even suddenly flood the screen, and characters can change their appearance, which will undoubtedly act as a change agent to take the player out of their comfort zone. 

How many characters are? And Power-ups?

So far, the characters confirmed by the trailer and, in turn, officially by Nintendo on the page dedicated to the game, are the following :







As for the enhancers announced to date, both previously known and new, there are the following:


Super Mushroom

Flower of fire

Wonder Flower

Lanky Form (sequel to Wonder Flower)

Spiked Ball Mario (unofficial name)

Luminous Flower (transformation into light)

Elephant Fruit (unofficial name)

Yoshi (direct drive)

New and old enemies

In addition to the Goombas, Piranha Plants, Cheeps Cheeps or Florugas, a series of rivals have been shown in the video that will try to hinder the progress of Mario and company and that, so far, seem to be created for this specific title. For example, a kind of purple ball hippopotamus, some sullen-faced storm clouds, some kind of cowardly squirrels that seem to flee at the slightest hint of danger, some fish-shaped balloons, some extremely elongated Bullet Bills, or some Hammer Brothers with gloves pushing pipes, among many others. The variety is the taste, right? If you want a summary of all of them, do not hesitate to visit this link.

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Super Mario Bros Wonder can be enjoyed alone if desired from start to finish, but as seen in the trailer and as confirmed by Nintendo itself, the game will have a cooperative mode, although it seems to be limited to the game locally, as indicated in the following official information:

Share a wonderful experience with friends and other Mario fans.

Join forces with up to three other people in local mode, and gather in front of the same Nintendo Switch console for some amazing things together as you blast through the levels as a team and help each other to the finish line.

Also, the game page reports that there will be “Nintendo Switch Online Features”, although possibly limited to cloud save data and little else, rather than possible online multiplayer.

And here is this article! Are you as eager as we are to sink your teeth into Super Mario Bros Wonder? Do not hesitate to leave it in the comments!

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