5 Times When Teammates Accused Of Fixing Matches In DOTA 2

4 weeks ago By Randell Jhonson

The world of esports is no stranger to controversies, and match-fixing allegations have cast a shadow over the competitive integrity of various games, including Dota 2. Over the years, there have been instances where teammates turned against each other, accusing fellow players of orchestrating match-fixing schemes. These allegations not only shook the Dota 2 community but also highlighted the challenges of maintaining fair play and transparency within the competitive landscape. Here are five instances when teammates accused each other of fixing matches in Dota 2:

1. The B8 Controversy: Accusations Against Dendi and Anton Monetin

In a recent exposé by popular Russian YouTuber Morf, allegations of match-fixing were levied against Dendi’s team, B8. The accusations came from their former teammate, Glib “Funn1k” Lipatnikov, who claimed that the team’s financial stability and operations were questionable. Funn1k even suggested that B8’s poor performance in official matches might be indicative of match-fixing. These allegations further fueled the ongoing debate surrounding match-fixing in Dota 2.

2. The Russian Youtuber’s Revelation

An exposé by a Russian Youtuber earlier this year unveiled a significant match-fixing scandal in Dota 2. The video alleged that a match-fixing group orchestrated rigged matches across the North American (NA) and Eastern European (EEU) regions. Anton Monetin, an ex-Winstrike Academy coach, was accused of being the mastermind behind the operation. The allegations pointed towards an elaborate network involving players, insiders, and various match-fixing schemes.

3. NA DPC Tour 1: Division I Manipulations

Morf’s exposé also delved into the North America DPC Tour 1: Division I matches. Accusations were made against Thiuth Gaming and Wildcard Gaming, where underdogs allegedly manipulated matches to favour betting odds. Thiuth Gaming was particularly implicated for purchasing their Division I slot to exploit match-fixing opportunities. These allegations raised concerns about the competitive integrity of DPC events and spotlighted the vulnerabilities in the system.

4. Eastern Europe Match-Fixing Saga

The exposé also revealed Anton Monetin’s alleged recruitment of players, including Albert “alberkaaa” Chernoivanov, to participate in match-fixing activities. The investigation suggested that Anton orchestrated a meeting between alberkaaa and a female acquaintance with the intention of leveraging their connection for match-fixing. The allegations extended to players from different regions, including Dmitry “DM” Dorokhin, who was accused of threatening to expose match-fixing if certain conditions weren’t met.

5. The Dota 2 Last Chance Qualifier Drama

The Dota 2 Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) for The International 10 (TI10) sparked controversy when allegations of match-fixing surfaced. TNC Predator and Team Adroit were accused of fixing their match to manipulate the bracket. The accusations were based on seemingly unusual gameplay decisions and alleged irregularities in the match. The controversy ignited discussions about the need for stricter regulations and vigilance in preventing match-fixing attempts.

These instances shed light on the complex challenges faced by the Dota 2 community in preserving competitive integrity. While allegations of match-fixing can lead to scepticism and distrust, they also highlight the importance of robust systems for preventing, detecting, and addressing such issues. As Dota 2 continues to evolve, ensuring fair play remains a collective responsibility for players, organizations, and the community as a whole.

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